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Apology: Accusation and Trial of Socrates

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As we read in the Apology, Socrates was on trial because he was thought to be a wise man who taught his views to the youth. Being wise was an illegal behavior during his time. He was accused of making weaker arguments the stronger. Knowing none of these accusations to be true, Socrates told the jury what he believed to be true. When found guilty of such accusations Socrates did let it be known he did not fear death. As a philosopher he questioned the purity of everything, and of course the heavens were not overlooked.

He wondered if after death there was a great place where all who have passed go and live an even better life than known to us on earth.

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Apology: Accusation and Trial of Socrates
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He also wondered if death was a blessing. Not clearly knowing what happens after death, he thought one of two theories would occur. There was either a relocation for the soul in another place with an all new life, or the body was nothing and had no perception of anything once departed.

Socrates viewed both situations as good, so a blessing it would be indeed. He then thought if it was like a state of dreamless sleep, death would be an advantage. Thus, think of the best sleep you ever had and did not dream at all. Also think of the mornings you do not want to wake up cause you know the upcoming day entails hard work and minimal pleasures. Socrates thought not many days were as good as this occasional great sleep. If death was as great as this, he thought there was nothing to fear. He also thought that if they were to go on to a different place after death, this as well, would also be great. Given the ability to once again see the people who have passed into this great place. Knowing he is going to be sentenced to death soon Socrates tells this to the jury trying to make them see that he really is not that wise a man. For he does not know everything there is to know, but can only use the knowledge he has. This knowledge is applied to his philosophical ideas of which they think are immoral.

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