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Sometimes In April Movie Review Essay

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Mr. Reiser, has been teaching us about genocide and what it really is. We have discussed many areas in the world that it is occurring in but one area we focused on was Africa. I recently saw the movie “Sometimes in April”. This movie really helps people realize what a horrifying thing genocide is. “Sometimes in April” is a film about a man along with his family and friends trying to survive the genocide. The story takes place in Rwanda and it is in 2004 but throughout the movie it flashes back to 1994.

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Sometimes In April Movie Review
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The main character is the man trying to save mainly his family and some other people along the way. The actors and actresses did a great job in this movie. It wasn’t a performance worth and Oscar, but they did very well. This movie is very emotional and in order for the audience to really feel it, the actors had to act it out well, and they did their job great.

The most impressive acting in my opinion was from the main character. He made the audience really believe he was scared and depressed. Overall great acting. What I liked about this movie was that it was very real.

It wasnt like other movies about genocide where at the end everyone survives and everyone is happy, because that is not what genocide is. Genocide is a sad and horrible thing, and this movie showed what it really is. What didn’t like about this movie was all the flashbacks. There were way too many of them. At big moments when something was about to happen, all of a sudden it would flash back, and at times it would get confusing. The message of this movie is to show and teach people what a horrible thing genocide is.

It teaches people a lesson that they should try and stop it and that nobody disserves to die for no reason without help. Many people will learn the true meaning of genocide after seeing this movie and that if they can they should help next time a genocide occurs. Children under the age of 16 years should not see this movie. They will not be ready to see what a horrible place the world can be and is out there. There is too much blood, dead bodies and violence. I would give it an “R”. It is too violent for younger children to see and realize what is happening out there.

Other than that would recommend you go see it It is a movie that Wouldn’t watch a second time, but is a must see at least once. Personally I give this movie an 8 out of 10. It is not the best movie have ever seen in my life but it really makes in influence on you and helps you realize many things. The acting is great, it is very real and yet it does not go overboard with the killing and murdering.

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