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Essay – Start Dubai

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  • Pages 2
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    While researching on organizations to write today’s speech on, I came across several charity based and nonprofit organizations, some of which I already knew about but some that were totally new to me. One such organization that I came across was Start Dubai. It had a very unique concept and it was very new to me that grabbed my attention.
    Since the emergence of NGOs and other charity organizations, they have been paying a lot of attention on children education; and why shouldn’t they since it’s the only way to bring the socially and economically deprived children into our world. Start Dubai also focuses on education; but on art education. At first I thought, why would anyone want to get educated on arts but then I realized just like children would want to become teachers, doctors and engineers, why wouldn’t they not want to become artists.
    Start is a program that links child development with arts education. It was launched in March 2007 and since then it has been aiming to bring arts into the lives of socio-economically and culturally deprived children throughout the Middle East by uniquely encouraging artists to become volunteers in the field of humanitarian and education.
    The organization believes that every child has the right to self expression, to be heard and acknowledged either orally, in writing or through artistic expression.
    Since art is considered to be a form of self expression, self healing and a way to solve inner conflict, the organizers think it the best activity or education that could be taught to children living in war zones and those displaced by wars. Therefore it uses art as a means to heal, educate and empower the younger generation- not only in the Middle East but elsewhere as well- by engaging them in arts with their communities and peers and teaching them a sense of self worth.
    Start basically runs workshops in a few places-currently in Dubai, Beirut and Palestine- which allows them to fundraise. They receive donated artwork that.

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