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Stress on the University Students to Score High Grades

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Every person in this world experiences some level of stress. Workers feel the stress of keeping their jobs, parents feel the stress of educating and teaching manners to their children, and students face many different kinds of stresses. The present education systems in universities have become very complex. It requires more of practical work than by hearting the matter from books or academic papers. This also requires a lot of time and energy from the students, and so students get stressed out because of such assignments and project works.

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Stress on the University Students to Score High Grades
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The students make up their time and effort to do such assignments and projects as these are counted and marked for their final exam. The kinds of stresses experienced by the students are health issues, personal issues, dropping their interest In social activities and losing interest in extracurricular activities. Learners have health issues, personal problems, and depressive disorder issues due to the stress experienced in studies because of the professors’ and parents’ pressure.

They lack sleep and food as they are busy trying hard to get high grades.

There is also no time for the students for any other activities because of the load of work given by the university professors. Students also face health issues like eye-sight problem, back-pain, headache etc. Due to over use on the computers and other gadgets for doing their homework and assignments. These stresses lead the students to being unhealthy to attend school (Anonymous, 2010). Moreover, many students face different kinds of psychological issues due to the high pressure experienced. After all these effort, if they are not TABLE to score as they expected, it leads them into depression.

Many students, therefore, commit suicide (Anonymous, 2010). Furthermore, many students leave their mom countries and go abroad to study, for they can get better and more recognized education there. A university is very different is from the high school, so students often find themselves in a stressful situation minored to adjust in the new environment (Whitman, 1985). Parents are the main reason for the stress behind the students as they want to see their offspring successful in their lives. Thus, the pressure from the professors’ and parents’ leads the students to many different health issues and disorders.

Students lose their interest in other activities such as playing games, watching movies, ND doing house chores. As they spend most of their time studying, they lack time and opportunities for other activities; as a result, their experience and interest in any nor-I-educational activity decreases. Parents and professors do not appreciate the students to participate in activities like sports and cultural activities at all as they consider these activities as a waste of time and distraction from studies.

Therefore, students lose their interests in activities like sports and cultural programs as they don’t get support from their parents and professors. Students over-stress themselves to get good grades, so they lack social skills and have less idea of activities that are happening around them. Also, they don’t have much information about such events or happenings. Due to the workload and lack of time, students lack communication and contact with the others. Finding time for activities other than studies becomes really hard.

Lack of communication leads the students to reduce their assurance in presenting themselves as they are fast paced with their project works and assignments; in other words, they lose the confidence of presenting themselves vocally. The students turn into bookworms as they just keep by hearting information from books or any other academic study materials provided to them. Because of all the stress on the students’ shoulders they usually start smoking or drinking to gain self- satisfaction. Not only stress is bad for students but also good for them.

Stress is a good motivator for students, because students will want to complete the given work before the time allocated, and this will motivate them to do it. They will also get much better results since such students allocate more time to their studies and end up getting high grades. Overall, stress helps a student in making his character exceptional and different from others because it will encourage students to raise their own standards which they would not have done without the danger of getting bad grades.

In conclusion, students are losing their social abilities and developing health problems, depression symptoms due to the pressure to achieve high grades from parents and professors. All the stress faced by the students causes them to lose their confidence in themselves. To recognize we can scenario that, learners are dropping their public and way of life capabilities and developing illnesses, depression signs symptoms. High stress levels may also result not from the learner’s current educational learning, but from increasing up in a traumatic family environment.

Parents usually lay unlikely objectives for the higher education college students, and this causes an enhanced scenario of anxiety. Many steps can be taken by the students to reduce the stress arising from such problems. They should study in a very calm and quiet place since it will help them concentrate more on their tasks. Also, daily reminders should be used, so that students can keep track of their homework and assignments and prevent the last minute tensions (Isis, 2012).

Another good thing to do would be that they should avoid listening to stressful news that they can do nothing about, or they should keep themselves from knowing about any nerve-racking events. Learners should always eat healthy food and that also on time. Sleep regularly for eight hours because it will help them freshen up, and they can again concentrate on the given work fully. If students really want to eliminate the word stress from their lives then they should change their attitudes by being more flexible and positive (centre).

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