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Essay – Tale about a Happy Girl

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Genevieve was like a bright star in the midnight sky. She had pale white skin like a porcelain doll, and she looked as fragile as a new born baby. She was known as the sweetheart of the town. Her exuberant smile brightened any man or woman’s day. She lived a tedious lifestyle coming from Lunel, France. Her mother was a courtesan for most of her life. She did not pay much attention to Genevieve because she was constantly “working.” She did not know the meaning of love, let alone how a girl should be treated because her mother was a horrible role model, and chose all the wrong men.

Pierre was an intelligent man who grew up with her and secretly loved her for years. When he gazed into Genevieve’s eyes he saw himself with her, married, having plenty of children, and living a life of eternal love. But she was blinded by lust for most of her teen life.

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Essay – Tale about a Happy Girl
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She barely ever payed attention to Pierre. As a younger man Pierre was awkward and clumsy. Growing up he evolved into a tall, dark, and handsome man. Noticing these changes, she took interest in Pierre. They had many things in common from their hobbies to the way they presented themselves and their good looks. Everyone in town was ecstatic to see them together.
They looked like the happiest couple in town. Looks can be deceiving, though. She was a nice girl. She did not yell or scream at her lover. She simply talked to him with respect. She never demanded much but one thing. She absolutely loved the moon. Shining in the dark night, it would draw her into her own little world. Genevieve wanted it and she would go through any circumstances to get it. She constantly told Pierre that she wanted that moon. She would talk about it day in and day out. Pierre never really took her serious at the beginning, he would just joke around and tell her that one day he would get it for her. But Genevieve believed him. One day as they were sitting at the Patio Genevieve says to Pierre, “ I have waited for almost two.

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