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The Godfathers

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“The Godfather” is the beginning and ending of a mafia novel. It's not the only wonderful book about organized crime, but it's the richest and grandest. It looks inside a family of organized crime so deeply, that we don't think of them as bad guys per say.They have respect and are behaved in a way that is very elegant.But there is also a bad part of their behavior in which they act to take actions upon them selves even if it is against the law.

It is a highly known fact that the main focus of a stereotypical Mafia family should center around the use of violence. "The Godfather" as well as "The Last Don" are two novels which hold true to this focus and are interestingly enough both written by the same author: the late Mario Puzo.Although being written more than twenty-five years apart, the two novels almost mirror each other throughout.

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The Godfathers
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For instance, near the beginning of each book the only daughter of each family gets married. Aside from that we also see one son die in each novel as well as the husband of the family's only daughter to be killed by the family. Throughout all these instances the only thing dissimilar regarding the two Mafia families is their reasons for violence. A family's use of violence is determined by how much power they hold. In "The Godfather", the main purpose behind all killing and violence can be directly related to attaining power. There are many different ways in which an author expresses himself in the creation of his novel. When a novel becomes a great seller it is usually a target for a great movie. The most important thing is to create the characters and bring them to life. When reading the novel The Godfather, a vision of how the characters look is formed, the role they play and their surroundings. It captures your imagination and takes you deep into the novel, almost making you a part of what you are reading. In this essay …

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