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The Puritan Reformation: Why Cromwell Failss



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    The Death of Cromwell’s Puritan Republic As Charles I oppressed the people of England, especially the Puritans, an opponent emurged on the forefront.Oliver Cromwell, a righteous, Calvinistic representative of parliament, spoke out against the king for the rights of all people and in particular his fellow Puritans.With the aid of a Scottish rebellion and some support from parliament, Cromwell dethroned the king and tried him for treason against the people of England.With no king throned, Cromwell then took over as caretaker of England, and began setting up a ‘Puritan Republic’.But through a turn of events, his ‘Puritan Repbulic’ ended up resembling more a facist dictatorship than the constitutional government he originally fought for.Sadly enough he was able to maintain this government up until his death, after which his son attempted to rule unsucessfully and the people started creating the constitutional governmentCromwell once spoke of.Cromwell’s failure to achieve a lasting Puritan Republic is primarily due to his hypocritical, political policies which alienated the majority of his initial supporters. A major flaw, Cromwell never actually abolished the parliamentary army, which had played a key role in his victory over Charles I.Infact Cromwell modeled the entire army after the regiment he controlled during the English Civil war, the "ironsides".He used excerpts from the bible to motivate the troops and subsequently convinced them that they were doing the work of god.Having this army of false crusaders, Cromwell basically had declared martial law, something Charles I had done, and Cromwell and the rest of parliament had fought against.This then unallied much of parliament with Cromwell, but he responded by purging all who opposed him from parliament, contradicting his former republican beliefs and forming what was called a "rump parliament". With control over parliament and his …

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