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Creative writing colege

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Bored, he wandered to the window. “Mom! Mom! Sis fell! ” he yelled, his face pressed against the glass even harder than his fingers against the controls moments before. Condensation appeared on the window, and the little green eyes continued to look onto the scene, helpless. “Mom, hurry! She can ‘t swim! ” Tears crawled down his cheek as he waited. Seconds took hours. Fans continued to roar in the background, but now he shut them out of his mind. He watched his baby sister sinking.

His mother jumped into the pool. Water shot into the sky only to come down moments eater, littering the concrete.

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He watched her swim to the depths of the pool, with each stroke her biceps tense. He mom was brave. He looked into the kitchen. There sat his dad. He wondered why he hadn’t jumped in along with mom, but his throat prevented all speech. Screams gathered deep in his belly, but nothing came out. Anger left him as tears and deep breaths, but confusion swelled inside.

He stared into his dilated eyes and questioned his life. He wanted nothing more than to be at the bottom with his sister, to hold her in her final moments. Something smashed and he turned to see his mother carrying a lifeless child. He ran with incredible speed. Call 911! ” Call 91 1! ” she yelled. “Dad, call 911 he said. Seeing no movement from his father, he grabbed the phone. His weak voice managed to explain the event and the location. He reassured his mother that the ambulance would be there soon, and hung up quickly. Although he saw the determination in her eyes he knew his mother could do nothing to save her. He turned to his father and began to shake him. His force caused the needle to fall from dad’s arm, and suddenly he opened his eyes. Confusion fell over both of them as they stared deep into each other’s eyes. The ambulance could be heard outside.

The house was a mess. Endless vacuuming along with Winded and paper towels failed to clean. Mindlessly, she vacuumed the living room for the seventh time. Through the doorway she saw her husband. There he sat lifeless at the TABLE. She reminisced and tears filled her eyes. She glanced around realized she had nothing. Nothing to live for, nothing to care for. “Mom! Mom! Sis fell! ” she heard. The vacuum fell at her feet. Crack! Freezing water shot around her body. She swam for life, both her own and the baby’s. Each arm pulled with a greater intensity that the previous trope, but their distance grew.

Her eyes shut from the pain of the water and pressure built behind her, forcing her further down. She felt trapped and unTABLE to move and then she saw nothing but black. Suddenly she opened her eyes. The red shirt was in sight and she took one last reach. Cold, her body refused to work. Even the adrenaline produced little energy. Course cloth scrapped against clammy hands as sneakers forced themselves against the bottom. Together they shot up. Her lunges rose and fell in sync with her pounding footsteps. Close to her chest the baby was limp and as she forced herself through the door hatred.

Blood stained the floor but she was unsure of its source. Commands exploded from her mouth but she didn’t understand her own voice. She looked up for help and saw him still at the kitchen TABLE in the midst of all the chaos. “Mom, the ambulance is coming! It’s coming! ” he said frightened. She looked at him and saw the fear in his eyes. He was more afraid than she was. He ran over to his father and she saw the disappointment present in her son’s eyes. He didn’t understand why his dad was like that and why his dad acted as though he didn’t love him anymore.

She looked down at her daughter and embedded why she lived. Red and blue lights flashed from outside. He sat there. The image of the blue baby and tearful mother followed by son ran through his mind but nothing registered. Colors rushed by leaving strikes like race cars. Noises and chaos created a pounding confusion in the back of his head. Nothing made sense and he waited. He saw her frantic, arms compressing chest while mouth enforced breath, but no sign of life. He saw him on the phone, telling his mother when they should come. He shut his eyes when something grabbed hold of him.

He stood and the needle shattered. The crash startled him, waking him from his mindless state. He stood and ran to his family. Gathering her in his arms, he cried. His wife stood and demanded passion again. “Give her to me now! ” she said. “Look at what you have done. She isn’t safe with you! ” Red and blue lights shone through the window. Memories of police shot through his head and all he thought of was running. He threw her back to her mother and turned to leave the room when knocking came from the door. He stopped and two men entered with red cases, and opening them, took the girl.

They placed patches on her chest and asked for everyone to clear. Tired cries came from her mouth and her chest began to rise and fall. She was alive. Carrying her bag, his wife left shortly after the ambulance. No words were spoken after the shattered door had shut, nothing could be heard besides the video games and vacuum. ‘IL hate you! ” she yelled to her brother. “Whatever sis. If it wasn’t for me you would ‘t be here. ” He responded. Whenever they get into a fight, he reminds her of the day. She has no recollection of the pool, how cold the water was, or how traumatic the day.

To her it is a memory invented by those who experienced it. Her mother tells her how scared she was, her brother reminds her that her life was at stake, and her dad remains silent. She doesn’t know that the glass shattered, or that the ambulance came, all she knows is that she is here now and must be grateful to those who saved her. ‘Will you get me some water? ” he asks her as she passes by. “Get traitorously” she responds. “Remember that I saved your life? So yeah, go get me some water. Without me you wouldn’t be TABLE to get yourself water, let alone me. ” “Timmy, said thank you! ” she reminds him with a giggle. Now it is a joke.

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