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ISO Standards create confidence in the products we eat or drink by ensuring the world uses the same recipe when it comes to food quality, safety and efficiency. Sis’s standards provide a platform for developing practical tools through common understanding and cooperation with all stakeholders on board. From agricultural producers, to food manufactures, laboratories, regulators, consumers etc. Out of more than 19, 500 ISO international standards some 1 ,000 are specifically dedicated to food, and deal with subjects as diverse s agricultural machinery, logistics, transportation, manufacturing, labeling, packaging and storage.

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ISO standards and water ISO provides global tools to help us manage our shared water resources equitably and durably. ISO water standards build confidence through consciousnesses global solutions for good business practice, management of resources, risk assessment, metrics and infrastructure. They facilitate sustainable water management and increase water potential, helping alleviate water scarcity ND contributing to achieving the Nun’s Millennium Development Goals.

ISO standards and sustainable development In 1992 ROI De Senior’s conference put sustainable development clearly on the political agenda.

In 2012 (20 years later) at the ROI+20 event the international community met again to discuss these issues and drive progress forward. Many of Sis’s 19,500 standards can help businesses and organizations all over the world make progress in the pillars of sustainable development – the environment, economy and society.

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