Essay – Wireless Signals

Wireless signals have pros and cons that influence their commercial use and present day application. However, no matter the progress made with wireless signal frequencies they are always subject to interference from technologies limiting their effeteness. Microwave Signals Microwave signals transmit using electromagnetic energy. Microwave signals are used commonly in long distance telephone telecommunications, cellular phone networks, and television networks. Microwaves travel in a straight line he wave can be narrow beamed making it more effective for long distance transmissions.

This technology when applied allows a network to establish a high bandwidth network connection between two points. Some companies may have two locations in a town or county. The lower atmosphere has little affected to signal quality, when linking two network locations. Satellite Signals Satellite signals are similar to microwave which require a direct line of sight to ensure proper transmission. Satellites require that a satellite is in geosynchronous orbit of the earth and receiver must be locked on satellites orbit at all times to maintain connection.

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Satellites can cover large areas since they are in high orbit they can relay signals through other Satellites. Signals are plinked to Satellites and scrambled in order to protect the signal from unauthorized retrieval. Common use of Satellites is by the military and D HTH services like Direct TV or DISH Network home satellite television. Drawback is the large transmission stations needed to send signal up to the Satellite. A network can uplink a signal to a satellite system and relay the signal to satellites on other side of planet.

This can allow large coverage areas for military or corporate entities to transmit data to remote locations. Radio Systems Radio systems are used in long distance communications with frequencies that span from 10 KHz up to Sigh. Radio waves at high frequencies tend to bounce off objects, while lower frequencies have ability to pass through objects. Radio systems are acceptable to interference from a variety of electrical equipments. Most businesses would use this technology for long distance immunization.

Since radio can travel long distances interference can disrupt signal between two locations. The FCC highly regulates the use of radio frequencies, which can make getting a license difficult in some areas. Radio situations, trucking, and wireless networking technologies all use radio signals in the sending and receiving of communications. With radio frequencies, the bandwidth increases when frequency is higher. Faster data transfer rates make this signal technology widely used in wireless bridge products. Lower cost of

RFC equipment and zero cabling cost make wireless networking a cost effective alternative to local area networks. Infrared Systems Infrared systems use signals sent by using light. IR uses frequencies from GHz to Gogh. IR operates using infrared links centralized to a room just like TV and VS. remotes communicate with the control decks. Infrared signals cannot pass through objects limiting their use to only small rooms and outdoor locations. Line of sight and point-to-point technologies use IR signals. Infrared is not restricted to a set pathway making IR transmissions difficult to secure.

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