Essayabout Full-Range Leadership Model

In this essay I will explain how the Full-Range Leadership Model (FRLM) concepts apply to the safety situation on XYZ Air Base. I will tell how I would apply these concepts to conduct team-building within the Safety office and across the base to address the serious safety problems. Lastly, I will formulate an action plan for the Wing Commander, so she can more effectively combat the alarming trends on base. Capt Matthews has let the safety situation on base slip for too long. The issue is not his lack of desire to fix it; rather it is his lack of leadership to motivate his Safety office and get them working together towards a common goal. It is clear to me that Capt Matthews displays some characteristics associated with laissez-faire leadership. He has failed to develop his people and take charge of the issue at hand. This lack of leadership has created a safety office that does not trust or work well together. Col Parker was right to replace Capt Matthews and put a new leader in his place. The fact that there have been fifteen safety accidents and four deaths while Capt Matthews was in charge of safety is unacceptable. In taking over for Capt Matthews, it is important to realize the lack of leadership his subordinates have grown accustomed to. They are not used to being motivated or having someone value their input. The best way to start my new job is to show my subordinates that I care about them and accomplishing the mission. Additionally, I would need more specific information than what has been provided. Details such as exactly how many drivers have been caught texting or on their cell phones while driving. The first thing that needs to be done is to establish a strategy to turn the situation around. I…

… middle of paper … …g, talking on a cell phone or speeding. This safety day would also incorporate any ideas or changes that my team put forward. I am sure that with the combined experience of the team we could change things both on and off base. In this essay, I have explained how I would employ the FRLM to combat the rash of driving accidents on and off base. Elements of the FRLM (transformational and the transactional) would be used to transform not only the safety office, but also the entire base. In being a solid leader, I would change the base’s attitude toward driving while texting, talking and speeding. I have developed an action plan the Wing Commander can use to reduce traffic accidents involving base personnel. Through stiffer fines, rewards and education I would seek to make the base a safer place. The FRLM would play an important role in accomplishing this goal.

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