The Great American Dream in “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the unbelievable story of a man who was forsaken by his one true love, and his ongoing struggle to reclaim her heart. Fitzgerald does a outstanding job of capturing the idea of the true American dream. The novel highlights the concept of the affluent spending without consequence; this thematic structure of the text parallels the concept of the American dream in current popular culture and for this reason this story is a classic novel shared all over the world. Scott Fitzgerald was a unique character with a very opinionated mind, his writings speaks to many Americans all over the world because they felt his pain, lust and sorrow through out his novel. He aspired to become a well known author, and that exactly what he accomplished. The History Channel explains Fitzgerald life and how he was raised “His father taught him to always be a gentleman to those around him and his mother sent him to prep school to better enhance that” ( The Great American Dreamer). He passed time in his new school while he was not learning or studying, he would write plays and short stories. After prep school he attended Princeton, where he wrote many literary magazines and even joined the Triangle Club for avid writers.

The time period in where the novel takes place is in the 1920s, the beginning of the struggle during Great Depression and the Jazz movement. This was when many Americans voiced their opinions about culture and dressed differently and changed all the original ways society was run, this was a huge movement during the 1920s and this caused the Great Gatsby to be as impressive as it is. In our modern society people look at the Great Gatsby as a becoming light which gives hope to the people most in of what we try to grasp in our average every day life, were all just wondering souls searching and chasing for our own American Dream.

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