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Essayon Medina City Library Collection Evaluation



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    Medina City Library Collection EvaluationIn order for a library’s collection to operate most effectively, the collection must be regularly evaluated. This process of evaluation and assessment includes determining the demographics of the community in which the library exists, as well as calculating holding and usage statistics for each of the sections within the library. Upon determining the performance of various areas of the collection, care must be taken to determine what course of action should be taken to improve the collection. About Medina LibraryHistory and UsageThe Medina Library has been serving the citizens of Medina city for over one hundred years; dating back to its opening in 1907. The latest renovation and expansion took place in 2008 (“Medina Library,” 2013). The Medina Library is the main branch of the five libraries that are included within the Medina County District Library system. These libraries are members of the CLEVNET library consortium which allows patrons to have access to the resources provided by forty-four library systems within Northeast Ohio (“About CLEVNET,” 2013). The libraries within the Medina County District Libraries have floating collections, giving patrons the freedom to return items to the branch that is most accessible to them. According to the Ohio library statistics compiled by the State Library in 2012, the Medina County libraries contain a total circulation of almost three million items (State Library of Ohio, 2012). The mission statement of the Medina County District Library is as follows: “Medina County District Library enriches life in our communities with outstanding and innovative library services for all” (Volunteer Handbook, 2012, p. 2)Community DemographicsThe .

    . . a train and tracks on a homemade landscape. This would involve the community in the creation of the display, let the enthusiasts know that the library has books on model railroading, as well as promote the section and create interest within the greater community as well. ConclusionAfter the process of this small evaluation, I feel as if I have a much better idea of the extent to which collection analysis must be done. Never having had the opportunity to work in a library environment, I was unaware of how much thought and planning took place as librarians work to shape and refine their collection to be its best for their community. Despite some of the difficulties of working with the data, I now better understand why collection evaluation is a process that must be done in order to assure that the library’s collection is performing well for those it serves.

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