Essayon The American Dream in the Writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of the most influential writers of modern day society. He holds this title because he wrote about things that drive people’s everyday life. He wrote in two different periods that were very significant in the social development of America. These two periods of time symbolized not only the generation that he was writing about, but it also speaks to the present day generation. The first period that he wrote in was called the Jazz Age. The Jazz Age took place in the years between 1920 and 1929. This period of time was also called the Roaring Twenties because this period of time was a time of great economic prosperity for the United States, as it was also a period of great wealth for many private businesses in America. In relation to Fitzgerald, this was a time when was recognized as a great writer and his career took off from there. The reason why his career took off at this point in time was because he began to write about the American Dream. The American Dream was a representation of what people needed to have a good life. The American Dream had two goals. The first goal is the achievement of professional success or wealth. The second goal of the American Dream is the fulfillment of love. To achieve the American Dream a person must have accomplished both goals. The theme of the American Dream was a representation of Fitzgerald’s struggle to get the love of his life Zelda to marry him. Fitzgerald met Zelda while he was in World War I and he fell in love with her. The catch for Zelda, though, was that she would not marry a man that did not make any money. So, after his career took off she finally agreed to marry him. During the Jazz Age, Fitzgerald wrote a great deal about the America.

. .t exist. He portrays this idea in “Crazy Sunday” by showing his readers the American Dream (Miles and Stella) and then the destruction of the dream (Miles’ death) and then finally the realization of the fact that there is no dream (Joel). He uses fantasy in his characters to hide the overall reality of the situation that they are in. This relates to his life because he wanted to escape the utter reality that he had no money and his life was a mess, so he wrote about it. This does not mean that Fitzgerald was a failure. He is a great writer because he wants to help people understand that the American Dream is only a dream and that it is more of a nightmare than a dream because in his stories none of his main characters achieve the dream. Finally, it is safe to say that Fitzgerald, throughout all of his writing believed that the American Dream was only a myth.

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