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Essayon We Must Stop the Obesity Epidemic in America

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  • Pages 2
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    Americans are known around the globe for being some of the most productive people. Taking a glimpse back into the United States history will yield evidence of monumental innovation and development. Some might say that the one industry that has stood tall in this forward progress is the food trade. It is not at all difficult to understand this businesses growth; as it is tied to the fundamental foundation of America itself – expansion. Since the first account of Europeans setting foot and exploring US soil, they uncovered a richness of natural resources needed to sustain a health and vibrant life. A particular era pointing to such vigorous growth is the 1950s when government lawmakers commissioned roads and bridges to be constructed to help expand the US footprint west. As these interstate highways were being erected many entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to build fast food eateries along the off-ramps of these new infrastructures. Additionally, after World War II government had to decide on what to do with its monitions, one thoughtful idea was to convert them into fertilizer – as ammonium nitrate serve as a dual purpose for the manufacturing of ammunitions or chemical fertilizer; nerve-gas is also converted to pesticides. Many US soldiers in returned home seeking the opportunity to acquire their very own piece of the American pie – land/homeownership. This combination on the surface proved to be incredibly good for America and Americans wellbeing. With a great workforce, government economic stimulus, and technological modernism of the food system all produced a happier and healthier citizenry. Today, there are many critics of this convenient and bountifulness food boom, a number of opponents express that this arrang.

    . .back on fatty meats. Eggs, cheese, nuts, grains, and leafy green vegetables are fine alternatives. Think of replacing that reduction of meats with an extra day of fish. It is a well-known documented health fact that a good number of people do not get the advised amount of fish. In fact, Eating Made Simple by Marion Nestle presented a stat from the IOM’s October 2006 report concluding “that eating seafood reduces the risk of heart disease.” (4) What is better than to reduce a fatty food and replacing it with a disease lowering source? Works Cited Kluger, Jeffrey. “What’s So Great About Organic Food?” Time 176.9 (2010). Nestle, Marion. “Eating Made Simple.” 297.3 (2007). Pollan, Micheal. “Farmer in Chief.” (2008): 12. Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. Fast Food Nutrition and Marketing to Youth–Summary. November 2010. 30 September 2011

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