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Violette N - Etc There Forever introduction. Anderson was the first woman to practice law in the United States District Court Eastern Division. In 1922 to 1923 she had served as the first female city prosecutor in Chicago. Also she had become the first African American woman to practice for the Supreme Court. Violette was the eighth Grand Basileus of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,Inc. and gave the sorority her summer home in Idlewild, Birch Haven to the organization. Violette Anderson is responsible for creating honorary membership. 2) The Shield: Dove-peace and purity 19 rays and 20 spaces- founding year 1920 Omnia Vincet Labore- All is concurred by labor ( private motto) Five stars stand for the founders The two torches stand for the light of Zeta Z zeta stands for zeal Phi scholarship Beta sisterly love The book is the book of knowledge with 1920 3) Amicae- was established in 1948 for women who did not attend college , however supported the ideals of the sorority. Archonettes- are high school aged youth who demonstatrates interest the goals and ideals of the sorority scholarship, sisterly love, and community service.

Amicettes- are young girls who are willing to strive to the ideals of the sorority and have the potential for leadership in service and the community. Pearlettes- are young girls who are mentored by the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority to become leaders of the community. 4) Amicae- over the age of 18; colors are sky blue and royal blue Archonettes- 14 to 18;colors are navy blue and white Amicettes- 9 to 13;colors are navy blue and white Pearlettes- 4 to 8; colors are baby blue and white 5) The 2nd Grand Basileus was Myrtle Tyler Faithful; she served for two years.


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