Ethical Academic Behavior

This presentation main theme was the principals behind Academic Integrity, which could be confusing to some students - Ethical Academic Behavior introduction. They may ask, “What does ethics have to do with learning? ” or “What constitutes bad Ethical behavior? ” or even “I thought if you learn, you just learn! Actually Ethical Academic Behavior is paramount to your studies and academic pursuits here at Liberty.

There were six very simple powerful points given that if incorporated into your studies will put you on course to completing your work with overall accuracy. I would also like to note hat these points can be used in your everyday life and applied with positive results. They are: Gratitude (being grateful), Generosity (showing of gratitude), Humility (self knowing), Honesty (speaks for itself ), Integrity (moral values), and Industriousness (making good use of time).

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It is stated in Liberty’s Vision that everything that happens here at Liberty should reflect our behavior in the context of a Biblical Worldview offering applicable knowledge to situations with the hope and healing of Jesus at the core of this pursuit. Liberty affirms this hope with values such as: achieving academic excellence in a Christ centered environment and to promote the synthesis of academic knowledge and Christian Worldview in order that there might be a maturing of spiritual, intellectual, social, and value driven behaviors (Statement Of Mission and Purpose).

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