Ethical Decision – Making Framework

The issue I will explore is: Should state leaders make children’s issues a top priority when making decisions and allocating tax dollars? This is an ethical issue. I know this is an ethical issue because it highlights the basic need of access to quality health care for children and the legitimate expectation of a quality education and learning environment. The basic words or passages in the article that support my answer is when the author states, “The state’s pre-kindergarten program fails to meet most national standards and that Florida ranks 48th among states in the highest percentage of uninsured children.

”2. Judgment: The author responds to the issue by stating statistics that show Florida’s poor ranking, when compared to other states, on percentages of children with health insurance and of their well-being. The author also responds to the issue by holding a rally and encouraging the public to attend and by emphasizing how money can be saved in the long run. His/her judgment is that, yes, state leaders should make children’s issues a top priority when making decisions and allocating tax dollars and this judgment is a response to the issue at hand.

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I know this because the author endorses a group called by “The Children’s Movement. ”3. Value Premises: The author values access to quality health care, the future of the community and/or state, education, funding for children’s needs, and the overall needs of Florida’s children. These are the values that seem to most motivate the author’s final judgment.

All of these values are stated except for children’s education and it is implied by mentioning the poor quality of Florida’s pre-k program and by mentioning the brain’s development. 4. Moral Values: These are moral values. They express the basic need of access to quality health care for children and the legitimate expectation of a quality education and learning environment.

These moral values are clearly stated by the author when he/she states that “getting children on a positive path before age 5 is crucial because various studies have shown that 90 percent of a person’s brain develops by that time” and stating the need for quality health care for children. 5. Factual Premises: Facts and evidence that the author states in support of his/her final judgment is a list of statements made by “The Children’s Movement” that outlines the shortfalls of the present system in place for our children in the state Florida. The author also uses statistics to support his judgment.

6. Disorders & Fallacies: I believe that the author may have committed a Red Herring fallicies. The author changes the subject by adding words to enhance his/her statement. The author states: “The funding drumbeat for any cause these days is likely to be drowned out by flat notes of a slow economy.

But the group’s pitch is on key. ” This relates his statement to music with the words drumbeat, flat notes, and pitch and these have absolutely nothing to do with children’s issues. 7. Creative thinking: 8.

Your Argument: I agree 100% with the author. I do believe that our children are repeatedly put on the back burner when it comes to priority.Our prisons are in better shape than our schools. Many of our children go hungry, are homeless, or do not get proper medical treatment.

I was told by the state’s Medicaid program that they would not pay for a wheelchair lift for my van as my child is wheelchair dependent. They told me they could not approve it until he is 18 years old because it is not considered medically necessary for a child but it is for an adult. Florida has one of the highest rates of child abuse in the United States (29. 6 cases per 1,000 children, more than double the national rate).

(21. 010 Florida Children’s Budget Report, 2010) 9. Reflection: I think that I did well on this assignment. I hate to keep saying that over and over and I do not want to sound self-indulgent but I do take a lot of pride in all of the writing assignments that I do and I spend a lot of time thinking things through while I am putting my paper together.

I do believe that each assignment that I do is, at least, a little bit better than the previous one, proving that I am learning what is being taught to me. I followed the directions well and I strongly believe that I have achieved the stated goal of the assignment.I always proof read my papers before turning them in and this question encourages me to check it more thorough before I turn it in. I don’t think that I have ever really put much thought into moral reasoning before taking this course.

So, sadly, everything that I have learned is new to me. It has made me realize how ridiculous I must sound when having a difference of opinion with someone. Now I know how important it is to take the other side into consideration and to not wonder off the original topic. I believe the most important thing is that my children will learn from me how to “fight fair.

”Works CitedOpinion/Editorials. (2010, September 22). Retrieved from The Florida Times-Union http://jacksonville.

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