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Ethical issues in counseling Practice

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Confidentiality is also very necessary and is important to explain the client rights, but understanding the limitations of confidentiality such as , suicide , abuse of the elderly, child abuse, or threats endangering lives or a third party. While being engaged in counseling there have been some stated ethical issues that has need to be addressed by practice boards. Issues such as the assessment and diagnosis process have been in question. The assessment is predicated upon a series of elevate life factors to help identify issues for a diagnosis .

The diagnosis is a disorder that is based on types of symptoms. The ethical issue of the assessment process is the failure to not take into account the cultural and ethical differences in behaviors.

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Ethical issues in counseling Practice
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The ADSM 4 states being aware of the unintentional bias, but does not do a good job in distinguishing various cultures , ethnicities , while indemnifying erroneous or defiant behavior that may not be accepted or known in western culture. 2 Another Ethical issue is EBPP, or evidence based practice.

EBPP is the accumulation of the best available search from clinical experts that consist of clients characteristics, cultures and preferences. The challenge and or issue with EBPP is that some clinical experts think psychological assessment and treatment is strongly driven by financial gain and reputation. So when dealing with insurance companies the need to save money is being place above the need to treat.

Not all client come to treatment with a clearly defined disorder and they do not fit into a “cookie-cutter model” EBPP. It may be effective for counselors who work with clients with specific issues like depression, cognitive, and behavior disorders. But EBPP does not offer a good deal for client who want to have more meaning, and fulfillment in their lives. 3 Multiple or dual relationships can pose ethical issues in counseling. Dual and multiple relationships is when a counselor carries a role of a teacher/therapist, roar supervisor/therapist. There are many ways to have unethical relationships other than the obvious sexual and emotional relationships.

Although many dual relationships carry risk, not all relationships are unethical. Some are even considered helpful if implemented and used in the correct way. Minimizing the risk of being unethical can be as easy as setting healthy boundaries at the beginning of the session, and always including the client in decisions in treatment. Discuss expectations, go over consents and release form. If you do get into a questionable situation always have a fellow professional to consult with. Always self monitor, ask who the secession is about, you or the client? Who needs are being met? To be an ethical counselor, knowing and following the code of ethic is essential.

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