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Ethical Lens Summary

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Ethical Lens Inventory Summary My personal ethic lens is Rights and Responsibility and relationship. I believe that this is true because I have always considered myself to be a very rational and fair person when it comes to making decisions in my life. When it comes to completing a task I find myself thinking through every way I can accomplish the task at hand before actually doing it. I am also this way when it comes to personal decisions as in what career I want and what I have to do to obtain that career and maintain it.

This also shows that I am a responsible person.

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Ethical Lens Summary
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The fact that I take the time to think things through before acting shows responsibility. My blind spot is I can trust to easily at times. Another weakness is feeling bad about decision I had to make because the outcome could be upsetting or hurtful to others. This is when I feel that my best isn’t good enough.

Another weakness I have is believing that everyone I come into contact with thinks like me and can be rational like I am. I believe that my way in thinking is very logical because I try to see things from everyone’s point of view so I feel everyone should be that way.

If a person does something different from how I would have handled a situation I feel that they did not handle the situation properly or that they didn’t make the right decision. Another weakness is I can find myself very overwhelmed in decision making and it can cause me to isolate myself or shut down from everything happening around me until I can come to a solution. The same thing can happen if I find that I have hurt someone close to me as well. One of my biggest strengths is that my friends and family feel that they can count on me to be fair when it comes to decision making or helping people see each other’s point of view.

My friends and family know that even though I may not agree with something they did, I can try to understand why they did what they did. When it comes to school group projects or having a team at work, I feel that this is a really good trait for me to have. I love researching things to understand the task at hand. I like to research online, books or even take from personal experiences to try to find the best way to complete something or when problem solving. My value is definitely in making and maintaining relationships that I make with people and to also make sure that I am fair in every decision I make.

I make sure I am fair to myself and fair to those around me. Sometimes I even find myself considering people I do not even know just to make sure I do not offend anyone or when they look at me they say “wow, I’ve never met a person who can see things so clearly before. ” I know that that is a bit of a stretch for me to expect from others but one can only wish. Overall, I agree with my ethical lens inventory outcome. I believe that people’s rights should always be considered, I am a responsible person and I value the relationships I have with others and love to create new ones.

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