Ethical Memo Essay

Section 2 Assignment 2 Week 2 April 28, 2013 Ethical Memo What ethical issues may arise as you work independently or collaboratively to format and produce a memo to staff? - Ethical Memo Essay introduction?? What are some of the appropriate collective and independent activities for a team that must collaborate to produce a memo to staff? Have you ever had a conversation with a fellow co-worker and halfway through it started sounding like you were talking with one of your friends over the phone, or sitting at a coffee shop.

This might be okay if the two of you are close friends outside of work, and you are just having a casual conversation about the outfit you just brought. But when you are at the office it should remain professional at all times. The tone and topic should be appropriate, so that if it is over heard it will not be misinterpreted, or taken out of context. Remember that walls have ears, and that they are not as thick as we think they are. Have you ever heard that saying: “I wish I was a fly on the wall to hear that conversation”? Take for instance the company that I am employed at, although the atmosphere is considered casual or informal.

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The topic or discussions that take place are not always deemed appropriate for everyone to hear. Not only does it involve HIPPA laws that can be broken, but it can be taken out of context if the whole conversation is not heard in its entirety. Something’s/topics should not be bought to the workplace (i. e. social life, family business, things of a personal nature). When it comes to writing with a group, and everyone has a specific part that they are responsible for. It is important to understand that you should make sure that everyone knows the topic at hand, and specifics the information is intended to convey.

Make sure to use the proper steps to check your grammar and spelling, keep in mind that even the spellchecker (grammar) makes mistakes. You have to know the rules of punctuation and sentence structure. If you are not sure of these rules, you should make a visit to the library of purchase a book on grammar. It is a good idea to have anyone who is strong is English to check the work the entire group once all of the work is done. It would be helpful to set the topic as a group and assign the different parts of the paper according to strengths and weakness. References Contemporary Business Report Writing 4th Edition by Kuiper, Shirley

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