Ethics and Airbus

Chris Wideman Tuesday 7:00 pm 3/28/2013 AIDS, Condoms, and Carnival Aids, Condoms, and Carnival informs the reader about issues concerning the AIDS Virus throughout the world and goes into specifics about the marketing efforts being used to spread awareness and protection in Brazil and India - Ethics and Airbus introduction. About Half a million Brazilians are infected with AIDS and about 63 million are at medium to high risk. The major reason for these high numbers are Brazilians tend to not wear condoms and the men in the culture to not stay committed to monogamous relationships.

Brazilian women say that even if they know that their significant other is sleeping around, they would be too afraid to ask him to wear a condom. This is because of their extremely masculine dominant culture. These women are afraid of being beaten or abandon from financial support. Another reason is the price. Most places that have a high concentration of AIDS infected people are in poor areas, and many cannot afford condoms. Also, many Brazilians are Catholic and forbidden to use certain types of contraception including condoms.

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Efforts to raise awareness and protection in Brazil included promoting the female condom, asking the government to cut taxes on condoms to make them more affordable, and to promote awareness. The first case of AIDS to be detected in India was only about six years ago. Since then the virus is spreading rampantly with millions infected. The main problem in India is denial. Many states do not even acknowledge AIDS as a problem, despite many people being infected.

It is thought that the immoral acts required to spread the disease would not be committed by citizens of their land, as it would be in the west. However some Indian states are taking intiative. One is using barbers to pass out free condoms and spread knowledge of the virus, since the men of the culture are too embarrassed to buy condomes at the drug store. Thankfully, organizations like London International Group hold events and conferences to spread the word about AIDS.

LIG has partnered up with Okamoto Industries to create London Okamoto corporation. This corporation is working on a new condom that is made of a material that is more durable, thinner, and transfers heat. This new product should promote condom use and lower Aids transfer. Questions 1. Female condoms are Brazils strategy to promote safe sex. Greater use of them could be more successful if they were promoted better. Surveys show high rates of satisfaction which is probably not assumed from the public.

India’s use of barber shops to spread knowledge and condoms is an effective idea, however, until more leaders are rid of their denial of the problem the virus may still spread. 2. The aids problem is different in the united states from India and Brazil because they are poorer countries. The U. S. provides more outlets for awareness and since there is less poverty condoms can be afforded. 3. The approaches being used in India and Brazil are not a good fit for the U. S. because the problem is not as rampant and drastic measures may be out of place.

4. LIT could also promote prevention world wide by commissioning speakers to travel to different work sites to give short seminars and pass out protection, and possibly in schools and in the streets as well. 5. I think it would be a good idea for Coke and Pepsi to promote prevention in Brazil and India but not in the United States. In Brazil and India as much promotion as possibly is needed, but in the United States, Coke and Pepsi are family companies and their reputations could be tarnished.

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