Ethics and Comarison Essay

Ethics and Compliance Paper
Michael Bedard, Kelly Carlin, Tabatha Flannery, Gabriela Louzan
September 23, 2013
Brenda JaberEthics and Compliance Paper
The organization Team C selected for this assignment is is a large and growing company that as a team we selected to analyze their financial activities. We also evaluated their ethical behavior and how those ethical roles impact the financial environment. This information is found in the company’s annual report and SEC reporting.
Role of Ethics and Compliance
At it is the responsibility of every employee to conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner. To ensure everyone at is in compliance, they have incorporated a set of guidelines for the employees, board of directors (the Board), and stockholders. These guideline include; ByLaws, Corporate Governance Guidelines, and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Amazon 1996-2013). These guidelines outline the responsibility of everyone associated with The ByLaws include but not limited to; the location of offices, meetings (e.

g., annual, special, general), quorums, and voting rights. The Corporate Governance Guidelines ensures that the Board, officers, and stockholders comply with the rules and regulations set forth by and in compliance with the SEC. These guidelines stipulate the responsibility of the Board that is to build long-term shareowner value (Amazon, 1996-2013). takes pride in being an ethical business and takes every measure to ensure their reputation is not tarnished by unethical behavior. That is why they have taken the time to implement these guidelines to make sure they continue to be a leader in their industry and a role model for other companies.
Procedures to Ensure Ethical Behavior
As one of the largest retail online outlets, employees must comply with the rules and…

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Ethics and Comarison
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