Ethics And President Bush Essay

American President George W - Ethics And President Bush Essay introduction. Bush is always at the heart of any ethical controversy. While the most intense debates revolve around the issue of morality of waging the war on terror, there are other policies pursued by the President of the United States that needs more than a little ethical consideration. One such policy involves President Bush’s plans on boosting research and activities in order to enable the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to again send man on the moon (Lane, 2004).

In a speech delivered at the NASA headquarters, the President announced his plans of increasing the budget of NASA in order to create the next space vehicle to replace the space shuttle, which is due to retire in 2010 (BBC News; Lane, 2004). President Bush’s vision is directed towards testing the viability of life in outer space (Lane, 2004). The ethical quandary that could be raised pursuant to this announcement is the necessity and moral value of this project.

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Ethics And President Bush Essay
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More specifically, does this project present a more urgent and pressing need for budget, scientific attention, and resources, over other national concerns such as social welfare or education? Stated differently, would the moral value of this project seriously outweigh that of providing a high quality of life for American citizens? Applying one of the most well known ethical philosophies of all time, which is utilitarianism, it would appear that President Bush’s ambitious project would not pass muster.

Under the said moral theory, one must follow that course of action which tends to promote the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people (Mill, 1863). Indeed, it is obvious that appropriating national funds to social welfare and educational projects would benefit the most number of people, compared to the limited members of the population who could find happiness in the successful exploration of the moon. Applying the principles of utilitarianism, therefore, it could be argued that President Bush’s plans do not have high moral value, in light of other, more pressing needs of American society.

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