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Ethics Are to Be Said the Principles and Moral Values

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Ethics are to be said the principles and moral values which helps you to differentiate between good and evil, as far as marketing is concerned ethics are the moral principles that frames the decision organizations take. If an organization is practicing ethics means its applying a standardize policy to preserve the moral rights and fair practices in order to make any marketing decision.

In other words, ethics are the business conditions that every organization should self observed for the benefits of the society.

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Ethics Are to Be Said the Principles and Moral Values
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 One must ask that ethics does not add any extra advantage in the marketing process neither , instead it’s an extra headache of cost to be bear by the company, some time maintain a separate regulatory to keep an eye whether ethics are been practiced or not.

The answer is obvious is that organization no separate body from the society rather it’s also an essential part of it. Organization gets appreciation when it performs in an ethical way instead just achieving the target numbers.

Apart from that ethics should be followed for various reasons like eradication of mal- practices. In today’s world, every day we see how some company cheats customer by some ambiguous offers, false coupons as well as mischievous advertisings .Business ethics will ensure a prevention of this kind of wrong behaviour in the society and make the business activities more authentic.

Ethics will make marketers more aware about their responsibilities in the society so that the practices will come under the legal frame work. Moreover, Ethics helps to differentiate between the valued firm with an exploited one. It also allows government make necessary regulation in order to control the unfair practices.

Corporate social responsibilities are the ways that company achieves the social, economical and environmental needs. CSR emphasize on the process of how companies are making their profits either by making a positive impact on the society or just increasing the revenue by degrading the morals of the society.

We can consider CSR as the commitment for any organization for the economic development and the betterment of the society. The Major requirements for CSR is environmental protection and sustainability. CSR redefines the social goals of an organization and enhance its ability to respect the cultural differences and finding the opportunity to create a healthy and skilful society. In other words company takes a voluntary decision here for a cleaner society and a better environment.

In recent years we have seen that industry has become more focused on their Corporate Social Responsibilities. Even in the European countries companies are hedging its belt in order to shape their business ethics and responsibilities. The best example can be seen by Jhonson and Jhonson which has been there in the market for almost two decades and using the wind energy to provide safe water to the communities around the world. This practice has an outstanding impact on the rising pollution. Ford motor cops are also not far behind in this scenario the CEO have promised that company will use only produce vehicles that are electric and hybrid. As a result the green house emission could be seen to a major drop.

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