Ethics Case Study

1) You intend to open a trendy restaurant in Toronto’s posh, Yorkville district. List ten (10) specific procedures, guidelines or activities that you can engage in at the restaurant, in order to attempt to be either environmentally-friendly or to build a sustainable business. The suggestions should directly relate to the restaurant’s operations, its procurement policy or its marketing plans ANS: So finally I have decided to follow my dreams and start a restaurant, I need to know what food restaurant is in demand and what is easy to sell to customers and what is easy to buy from suppliers.

Before I even move on the specific strategies and policies of the restaurant I need to develop a marketing strategy which will be as crucial to my success as the items on your menu. The most important thing while starting a business is to consider and think whether I would be environment friendly and that would support locally grown produce that is grown with humane procedures kept in mind like, respect workers, does not harm the environment and supports the local farming community.

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10 specific procedures, guidelines or activities I would engage in my restaurant in order to stay environmentally-friendly and build a sustainable business The first thing I need to see from my procurement and marketing perspective would be that suppliers and agencies dealing in related to the business are environment friendly and follow humane procedures in their premises and that they cared about the society as a whole • Lower my restaurant lights early during dinner service and have candles on each table already in order to be energy efficient and at the same time give a serene effects on my guest during their dinner • Replace plastic bags with paper bags for takeout orders. As we all know that plastic bags re not environmental friendly and when those bags are thrown out they end in stomach of the birds and fish which in turn comes back to us in the form of food

• I would make my customers aware of the food I am serving in the restaurant are from locally produce and contains only raw materials coming from suppliers which cared about environments by printing it on the menu next to the items this will built customer confidence and a sense of loyalty and long lasting sustainability • Check to see if the seafood or any particular food I am serving is sustainable and plentiful the vendor should have this latest information or you can check the internet to find what is available or what is not • I would try to eliminate food wastage by mentioning it on the back of my menu or displaying it in the restaurants to make customer aware of what is available on the menu today and I would definitely try to control my food wastage back in the kitchen • I would have on the back of my restaurant menu all the steps you have taken to preserve our environment.

This is not only wise space for the back of the menu but provides your diners with tips they can use at home. I would use as much as I can only recycled products and try to use Styrofoam as they are environmental-friendly and not wasting those things like cans or whatever waste instead disposing it off in a manner which provides it to be recycled again • We need to know those restaurant industry specific regulations. From storing and preparing food to serving alcoholic beverages and explore these regulations and guidelines early on in the planning process and be strict to implement them and market them in local adverts and in the restaurant and take a pride in it

• One of the most important I would like is to follow guidelines from the Canadian Food and Restaurant Association for providing nutrition information for each item on the menu for customers in order to create a society of healthy people who are made aware of whatever they are eating is nutritious for them ) Even if every individual and other business around you is not attempting to be “environmentally intelligent” or not building a “sustainable business” why should you pursue these goals? Using the definition of “sustainable” (found on page 450 of the textbook) as your guide, state at least three arguments that can be made for pursuing these goals? ANS We may all be aware of the meaning of sustainability is to maintain or endure but what lots of us don’t know is, sustainability is closely related to corporate social responsibility. Sustainability is a business strategy that drives long-term corporate growth and profitability by mandating the inclusion of environmental and social issues in the business model.

Sustainability means looking forward not only to the business itself but also the growth of the society and its impact on the society Even if individuals and business around me are not following procedures and policies to be eco friendly and looking for just short gain and profitability in particular by ripping off customers by all means they could and not building a sense of sustainability around the society, I would try my best to stay focus and be eco-friendly and would think for a sustainable growth of my business instead of gaining short-term profit, as I know to generate a maximum increase in company, consumer, and employee value I need to accept the fact that opportunities derived from environmental and social developments are always long lasting.

The reasons for the arguments to be supportive of sustainability could be that I take my position as different from others environmental intelligence is very essential for a business as a goal because it differentiates the business from other businesses and this is achieved by following what you believe in as person starting from your own home where we try to be eco-friendly in by consuming less energy order to save money and in order to save our children from eating junk food, using only recycled products, and then why can’t we do it at a business level, it’s just about how you care and prioritize things to gain long term goals Sustainable employees for my business to ensure that right talent is always available in my business and in the market as whole by providing them education training and healthy business culture and benefits to be able to make them productive in the face of demographic shifts and provides foresight to meet the changing requirements of a new generation of workers and society where we can develop a sense of accountability among business towards the customers.

The third one could be responsible for the future needs of the company. t helps the company to understand its ethical codes of conducts and enhances the codes to every practices it would make the business to create a sense of brand value and customer sustainably and customer retention through following more green and eco-friendly policies and code of conducts in the business itself and which will create more growth and would enable the current business to enter into new markets with the help of the stakeholders commitment towards the business including those focused on green solutions and increased energy efficiency. 3) Is sustainability (page 450 in textbook) a lofty goal or a pipe dream? Please frame your arguments in terms of practicality versus non-implementable strategy initiatives ANS

I think sustainability is a pipe dream because companies However as we more and more people are becoming aware of their environment around them and how the fast paced modern life is making us realized that we need to do something about the environment around us which is effecting us in our daily life and how every day we read in the newspaper and in media the reasons and causes of depleting earth’s natural resources – it would become a reality when our businesses and leaders realized the importance of the issue, we should understand that this is the only planet we live in and instead of wasting billions of dollars on finding other planets we should try to manage the one we live in and make it more eco-friendly for future generations by using recycling products, designing and creating an architecture of alternative energy and utilizing them as soon as possible and stop being selfish and the most important create a society by educating them at every level possible then it could soon become a reality if only new management comes in with a different style and strategy and not try to defeat anything positive done by the previous management, Sustainably on the other hand could still be possible maybe in the future because when we keep trying and we never stop, we will surely get a positive result out of it. This could be seen in different ways or opinions but in my opinion,

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