Ethics Dilemma Essay

Morality is the behavior that conforms to an accepted standard of right and wrong - Ethics Dilemma Essay introduction. It is the character, decency, goodness, integrity, righteousness, virtue etc. of a person living in one society. And it has a big confusion to everyone if morality is relative. Individuals differ in taste, personality, behavior and beliefs. Each country or maybe groups of people have their own standard of morality. How could morality relative if there is no universal standard of norms and everybody disagree to the beliefs of others.

The short documentary entitled “Ethical Dilemmas” shows the difference of culture and lifestyle. Like for example the culture of Masai, the people gets blood from cow then mixed it with milk lastly drinks it. After I saw this part, I would say that they are really cruel to the cow and I think it’s bad because cows are also living things. And the kids drink the blood, for me it’s disgusting because the blood is fresh from the cow’s veins and the cow is dying. For the layman like me who doesn’t know the culture Masai would have probably shock just like me. There is also capital punishment to other countries, like in Singapore for those people who smuggle drugs there is a death punishment for them. There is also forced prostitution, genocide. Looking at these things is there really morality. And if we all differ in some ways maybe we all share the same in thinking what is right from wrong. It shocks me that some country or maybe even we practices the same wrong doings.

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But look at the positive side, it has also a good outcome that there we are differ to each other. It is because we can explore things that we haven’t known. It would much be interesting to know the culture of others. Just like the wave of K-pop nowadays, they showed their music to the world that is why people become interested to their culture. And it would be boring if we share the same idea of culture, there would be no argument, and there is no development.

Maybe each country is different in culture and beliefs, but this is not a barrier to do things in right way. Everyone respects each other’s opinion

but as a child of god or maybe not just do the right thing, do the moral thing. The short documentary “is morality relative” is a good documentary to show to people who have been lost. It has good and relevant information that I absorbed. All in the entire documentary is great.

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