Ethics of Budget Essay

Christina Rodriguez Philosophy Life of the Mind March 26, 2013 Ethics of Budget The government of US has decided to make various budget cuts in different areas, these budget cuts have been made to counter the budget deficit issue experienced by US - Ethics of Budget Essay introduction. The sequestration of budget cuts to federal spending has caused an unresolved solution in rescuing our economy. Budget cuts will have several negative impacts on the society; these cuts will lead to job losses and even decrease in aids for institutions such as educational and medical institutes.

Mandatory programs such as unemployment and Medicare will also be affected. Government needs to ensure that these budget cuts do not affect the overall society in a negative manner. Government can create it’s budget cut policy in accordance to the utilitarian rule provided by John Stuart Mill He states that those actions should be taken that have the highest amount of utility (benefit) for the society and the lowest amount of cost as compared to other decisions that can be taken to solve the issue (West 2).

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Keeping in mind the utilitarian rule, government should practice budget cuts in those areas where the society is much negatively impacted as compared to those areas where the society is less likely to be impacted in a negative manner. For example: the society will benefit more if budget cuts are conducted in the area of law enforcement, military, and other defense functions. There is a lot of waste in our government which is why we are where we are today.

For years US has diverted a very huge portion of its budget to fight terrorism, but has failed to achieve positive results. Therefore, budget cuts in law enforcement area, military, and in defense would be better than budget cuts in education and medical aid. Education and medical assistance is very necessary and not every individual of the US society can afford it, thus government should continue subsidizing these fields. Works Cited West, Henry R.. An introduction to Mill’s utilitarian ethics. Cambridge, U. K. : Cambridge University Press, 2004. Print.

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