Ethos: Education and School Essay

In this assignment I will be talking about how Ethos, Missions, Aims and Values are used within the running of the school - Ethos: Education and School Essay introduction. And how it helps to provide the highest standard of curriculum for children. As well as how this information is avaliable to parents, and where they are able to obtain this information. 3:1 Ethos – A school’s ethos helps to to set a framework which will help the school to provide a safe and secure learning environment. This will help to reflect its values for a good working environment.

A school’s positive overall ethos process will provide the school community and all its members with an environment which is paramount for obtaining a successful learning environment for all. A school’s ethos is also an agreement which concerns itself with the character and spirit of a particular school, as well as making sure it is reflected in the attitude of the school including the expectations of staff and children. Missions – Missions within a school is to help to provide a statement of the values and principles, which help to guides a school’s curriculum.

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Ethos: Education and School
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It will also help the school to set program goals and objectives. Missions should make clear its purposes with which the school is aiming to achieve and the values and standards, with which this is guiding to help and of which they are consistent. Aims and values – Aims are similar to mission statements in order to make sure that every child matters. As well as parents and the community work together to provide the children with the best care. As well as helping each and every child is helped in developing skills which they will use for life long learning.

As well as learning through a broad and balanced curriculum which will help them to become responsible adults. Values play an important part in helping children to feel that they are special in their own way no matter what, and making them feel comfortable within the school environment. As well as helping each child to appreciate others around them whatever their religion, ethnical background etc. Ethos, Missions, Aims and Values are used in the everyday running of the school. They aim to make sure that the curriculum is met to a high standard.

As well as making sure that the children are able to learn in a safe and secure environment. They also aim to make sure that the school meets their goals and objectives throughout the school year. The school will also intend to provide the children with the correct resources that will help them to become confident and individual learning, and also sure that they work with school governors to enable them to continually strive and enable them to be able to improve teaching and learning as part of research,, and provide good practice in education policies.

3:2 The ways that the schools provides information on ethos,missions,aims and values can be through there brochures, which are avaliable on request to parents, governors and OFSTED. They can also palce the information on the schools website which again can be accesed by parents, governors etc. Schools can also provide this information at governors meetings which are held within the school. The schools can also provide the information at school events such as fetes as well as using the local media to get the information across, as well as word of mouth.

Although not all parents, carers have access to the internet, which can stop them from gaining the information that they need, so they will rely on the school events, local media and word of mouth from other parents, teachers etc. Some parents, carers may not be able to understand this information so may need someone to explain the meaning of the information, in order for them to be able to understand. The effectiveness of these methods are useful as parents and governors are able to see what the school aims to achieve and how they are going to achieve their goals.

Also parents and governors are able to see how this will affect the children, and how this will prepare them for adult life. They will also be able to see how these methods will meet the educational needs of the children, and how this will nurture the children, in a strong, safe and respected learning environment. Also this will help parents, carers who are unable understand the methods within a school, to feel valued, as teachers etc have taken the time to explain to them the effectiveness that ethos, missions, aims and values have within the school,

From writing this assignment I can see how effective it is to have ethos, missions aims and values within a school, and how they help children to achieve the best education which will help them to achieve to the best of their abilities. In having these in place it will allow the school to have a strong structure in place, to help the school provide children and the community with a strong and safe environment.

Ethos: Education and School Essay

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