Evaluating Communication Strategies Essay - Part 2

Resources: pp - Evaluating Communication Strategies Essay introduction. 195–210, 214–220, & 223–226 in Ch. 5 of Human Services in Contemporary America Answer the following questions in 200 to 300 words: • What would you need to learn or know about each of your clients in order to communicate effectively with them? The text explains that culture/religion should be on a human service workers list of things to know. There are many different types of cultures and beliefs that go along with those cultures.

For instance, there are cultures that believe it is ok to abuse the woman and while as human service workers, we do not agree, that is their culture and it is our job to help them see that it is not acceptable in the United States and there are consequences for violence against any human being especially domestic violence. I also believe that a human service worker should know what kind of lifestyle the person was raised in or where they grew up (i. e. the projects, ghetto, wealthy area, a different country etc).

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What strategies or techniques do you believe would be the best approach to take when communicating with each of these clients? I believe that being compassionate, empathetic, and genuineness is good approaches to communicating with clients. I also feel that being able to communicate well and listening are also good approaches to clients. • How might you need to adapt your communication approach from one individual to the next? Every single person is different which means there are different personalities, cultures, religions and beliefs.

While we may not always agree with the person we are trying to help, we need to be able to put ourselves in their shoes or at least know something about the person so that we can decide what the best way to help the person is. There are also different situations in which the worker should be able to adapt to. For example, one day I may work with a child who has serious mental health issues in which they may have a serious personality disorder and the next day I may work with a rape victim and my approach will change from case to case.

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