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Eve Teasing Essay

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Nowadays, eve teasing is the talk of town and has already taken 14 girls as victims in four months according to a Daily Star report. Now, eve teasing is also referred to as stalking. Generally, eve teasing starts with a rude comment or a song from a distance or at closer range, a nudge, pinch or brush against the body. With the passage of time the manner of eve teasing has changed to phone calls, text messages, emails and letters and flowers.

Jan tumake chara ami bachbona” (I will not live without you), “I love you, If I cannot have you then no one can” are some of the kind of comments used when teasing and threatening their victims who often take their own lives to escape the humiliation. Many victims suffer from severe mental trauma as do their family members. Everyday, eve teasing and sexual harassment are occurring around the country. But only few of them are covered by print and electronic media.

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Most of them are not reported. Along with other problems-load shedding, traffic jam, eve teasing is now turning into a big issue. Preventive measures have already been taken by police visiting educational institutions across the country trying to provide protection against harassment and providing phone numbers to call during emergencies and to report offenses . But it should be noted that it is not possible for the police to give security to the all educational institutions of the country.

The most effective steps can be taken by the Khatibs of mosques as they play a crucial role in increasing awareness about AIDS to the masss. They can also condemn eve-teasing. In fact, the punishment of eve teasing should be covered by electronic media and print media so that people are discouraged from committing this crime. It is tragic that in a society where men persistently pursue women until they get their attention, it has taken the deaths of 14 women for us to comprehend the fact that such harassment can have deadly consequences

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