Eveys Loss Of Innocence In V For Vendetta Essay

The Two Sides of Life: Innocence and Maturity
We often judge people by their acts, but most of the time we don’t know that something might have happened in their past for them to act the way they do. For example we have Evey in V for Vendetta. She previously confronted a rapid change from innocence to maturity which makes her do something unexpected in the world. However, she had reasons for it: she almost gets raped, was mistreated for days and V left her in charge of his plans when he died.

Eventually Evey’s loss of innocence leads her to understanding the real purpose of V’s acts.
Evey’s loss of innocence forced her to undergo many unfortunate situations. At the beginning of the movie she found herself struck by poverty and tries to become a prostitute. While trying to achieve this, she got caught past the curfew and was almost raped but a strange man that called himself “V” saved her.

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Eveys Loss Of Innocence In V For Vendetta
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As the movie goes on, V and Evey have a conversation that says:
V: I may have killed those fingerman that attacked you the other night too, but I heard no objection to that. Violence can be used for good.
Evey: What are you talking about?
V: Justice (Vendetta). This quote isn’t exactly clear, but it’s referring to how Evey’s loss of innocence pretty much started. V saved Evey and was explaining her how he could have killed those fingerman. V also seems to be a very rancorous person and is trying to transmit this to Evey to make her understand that violence is not just about killing, but is a justice punishment for wrongdoing. V’s behavior is pretty much making Evey loose innocence and realize how injust the world can be.

Sometimes you have to get hurt for the second or even third time to realize that you are just an innocent person who has to start changing your point of view. Evey is one of these people. She got into prison and had been tortured for days. After getting out unexpectedly she finds out she actually was in V’s lair.

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