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Exam 4 Study Guide All questions are taken from Evangelism Is… by Earley and Wheeler. You do not need to memorize these passages. Only be familiar with the content. • Be able to identify these verses as quoted in the textbook and be familiar with Earley’s and Wheeler’s teachings on the following verses: • John 4 (chs. 15, 16) Samaritan woman • Acts 4:12 (ch. 15)- Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved • John 14:6 (ch.

15)- I am the way, the truth, and the life… • John 3:8 (ch. 17)- The wind blows where it wishes… • Acts 1:8 (ch. 17)- But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come • John 16:8–11 (ch. 17)- And when he has come, he will convict the world of their sin • John 14:16–17 (ch. 17)- • Romans 8:9 (ch. 17)- But you are not in the flesh but in the spirit • Mark 10 (ch. 18)- The Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve • John 13 (ch. 18)- Washing of the disciples feet Chapter 15 • According to Dr.

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Early and Dr. Wheeler, in John 4, Jesus stepped out of His comfort-zone and took the initiative to start the conversation with the Samaritan woman. (Be able to fill in the blank. ) • According to Dr. Earley and Dr. Wheeler, evangelism is crossing cultural barriers to share the gospel. (Be able to fill in the blank. ) Chapter 16 • According to Dr. Earley and Dr. Wheeler, in John 4, through Jesus sharing with 1 woman many Samaritans believed. This is the principle of natural multiplication. • In describing the power of 1, Dr. Earley and Dr.

Wheeler describe the impact that Edward Kimball, a simple Sunday school teacher had in eventually leading to the ministry of Billy Graham. (Be able to fill in the blank. ) • Did the disciples fail to prioritize evangelism? o Yes Chapter 17 • Dr. Earley quotes Bill Hybels and Mark Mittleburg, who write “I’m convinced more than ever that the absolute highest value in personal evangelism is staying attuned to and cooperative with the Holy Spirit. ” (Be able to fill in the blank. ) • Know what Dr. Earley says about the Holy Spirit. o Is God o Is a person o Is primary in God’s work on Earth today

o Is the primary player in bringing a lost person to salvation o Is essential in helping a saved person grow and serve o Partners with a believer in effectively sharing the Gospel • According the Dr. Earley and John 14:16–17, another name for the Holy Spirit is the Comforter. (Be able to fill in the blank. ) • According to Dr. Earley, in Gospel times, was the primary work of God through the Holy Spirit? o Yes Chapter 18 • In what passage of Scripture does Jesus teach foot washing? o John 13:1-5 • In Jesus’ day, the most common person to wash the feet of guests was the servant.

(Be able to fill in the blank. ) • According to Dr. Wheeler, servant evangelism opens the door to share the gospel. (Be able to fill in the blank. ) • Is Servant Evangelism risky usually providing only trained believers the opportunity to reach out to others? o Low risk evangelism • Servant evangelism creates a lifestyle that permeates every aspect of a Christian’s life. (Be able to fill in the blank. ) • Servant evangelism provides the opportunity for personal evangelism in a natural mode of fellowship and community. (Be able to fill in the blank. )

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