Exam Managing Business Relationship

EXAM MRK 2015 Managing Business Relationships (7,5 credits) Tuesday Desember 7th 2010 kl. 09. 00 – 13. 00 Lecturer: Tina Bjornevik Aune Examination results: 29. 12. 2010 The exam includes 4 questions and 3 pages (including the front page). Examination support: Dictionary. Exam Guidelines: If necessary, make assumptions to solve problems. State your assumptions clearly. Question 1 (25%) The two metaphors “jungle” and “rainforest” have been used by researchers to illustrate some of the basic features of the business world. Explain the different views of the business world these two metaphors relate to.

Question 2 (25%) Company Alpha has a customer portfolio where 5 customers constitute 80% of all sales at Alpha. The remaining 20% of the sales are divided between a number of small customers. Alpha’s marketing manager is in the process of analysing Alpha’s customer relationships and needs your help in solving some issues. a)Present some tools that may be useful when analysing Alpha’s customer relationships. Give examples of how these tools can be applied in practice. b)The marketing manager is afraid that Alpha develops capabilities that are too closely linked to the five large customers.

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He wants you to give him some arguments for and against developing capabilities specifically related to these five customers. Question 3 (25%) Beta is a large car manufacturer located in Europe. As part of their annual strategy seminar the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Beta has asked you to be of assistance in discussing Beta’s supply management strategy. a)What is supplier development? What advantages and drawbacks might be associated with supplier development? b)What can Beta do to create a culture of knowledge-sharing in its supplier network?

Question 4 (25%) You are hired as a management consultant by a company. The company wants your assistance on strategy. a)Present some implications for strategy offered by an industrial network perspective. b)Some people in the company want to keep the strategy a secret, and not share it with other companies. Other people in the company want to keep an open approach towards other companies regarding the strategy. As a management consultant, you are asked to present potential advantages and disadvantages associated with these two different approaches.

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