Example of a Cover Letter

Dear Sarah Roth,

I am writing to express my interest in the Technical Artist position posted on your website - Example of a Cover Letter introduction. This opportunity will allow me to work with an award winning team and make a career doing something I love. I am a talented animator with strong programming and design skills. I want to help create amazing games, and experiences with one of the best studios in the country.

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I have over three years’ experience with Maya and knowledge of character rigging and animation as well as scripting with MEL. I have written many baseline tools to assist in helping animations run smoothly. Keeping character and environment models clean and ready for work, is a practice I hold in high regard. I am a strong believer in getting work done before the deadline and allowing enough time to make sure work is done properly. Finding new solutions to help the artists create their best possible work while maintaining a timeline is something I practice when creating my own art. Creating strong designs and animations is something I strive for in my work as an artist, but my true passion is programming. I want to break the barrier between the artist and the programmer and successfully mesh the two. I believe I will find my calling as a technical artist with Telltale Games.

I would more than welcome the opportunity to utilize my passion for games and my technical prowess for creating them. Telltale Games is an amazing studio with ground breaking ideas. I believe I can push those ideas and help create better experiences for the players and my fellow employees. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Christopher Wahlfeldt

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