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Seoul and Bangkok are in Asia - Example of Compare and Contrast Essay introduction. Both of them are the capitals of their countries. While, Seoul was founded in 1394, Bangkok was first built in 1782. This report will compare and contrast some aspects including: area, climate and population. There are some similarities and differences between these cities in their locations. Bangkok is much larger than Seoul. Particularly, Bangkok is 1562 square kilometers in area, but Seoul’s area is 627 square kilometers. Both are situated on the banks of rivers.

Bangkok is in the center of Thailand. On the contrary, Seoul is located in the north-western South Korea. Because of the differences in location, it leads to the differences in climate. Neither of them has a temperate climate. Bangkok is in the tropical region of Asia. In particular, there are two seasons in Bangkok such as: wet and dry. Compared to Bangkok, Seoul’s climate is continental, which has warm summers and cold winters. Moreover, Bangkok has a slightly wetter than Seoul.

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In fact, Seoul’s rainfall is 130 centimeters, Bangkok has a rainfall of 150 centimeters. One of the main differences between two cities is their population. Seoul, which has 10. 3 million people, is more populous than Bangkok, which has a population of nearly seven and half million. Most of the people living in Seoul are Korean. Bangkok, on the other hand, apart from 75 percent of the population is of Thai descent, there is a minority group who are non-Thai descendants such as: Chinese, Indian, Burmese, Khmer and Vietnamese.

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