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EXCEL Final Project Essay

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Number of shares 6. Dollar amount invested* Information for combined purchases: 7. Total dollar amount invested* (AD) 8. Total number of shares* (TTS) 9. Average cost of one share* (AD) divided by (TTS) DESIGN a Stock Quotes worksheet to track your investments Stock quotes information: Title: Stock Quotes & Totals Include columns for date and your 5 companies. ; Add columns for each company s current total value. ; Add a column for the combined total. Rows will increase with added quotes. Use borders and shading. Rename Sheet 2 tab–Coquettes.

1. Names of each of 5 companies 2. Numbers of shares purchased .

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EXCEL Final Project
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Dates and closing prices (Look at am-?opening or porn=closing) Stock Totals information: 4. Current total value* for each company 5. Total investment value* for all companies on a given date (AD * Current Price) COMPLETE a Stock Sales worksheet Add each company’s final sales information: Create a copy of your Stock Portfolio spreadsheet and move it to the end of your workbook ; Change the title of the spreadsheet to Stock Sales Insert rows and merge cells as needed Use formulas to arrive at *numbers Check formulas for correct cell references ; name from Portfolio (2) oatcakes Change the sheet tab

Current selling price of one share for each company (the price today not the FIRST day) Total dollars received from sale of all shares for each company* (Total Investment Value = Total dollars received) Profit or loss for each company* (Check the value daily to see your gains or losses.

Example if day 1 your stock is worth 5 and the next day it is worth 4 you have lost profit) Add information for combined sales: Total dollars received from sale of all stocks in portfolio* Total combined profit or loss for all companies* CREATE Charts toiletries your data Create 3 types of charts: 1. Line Chart 2.

Column chart 3. Pie charts Data source: Stock Quadruplicates Show price fluctuation over investment period ; Use different color line for each company ; Use labels and background color Embed in Stock Quotes spreadsheet Data source: Stock Sales spreadsheet Show beginning and ending value efface investment (total value, not share price) Save as separate sheet in the workbook ; Name sheet tab-?Columnar On first pie chart, show beginning stock value of each investment Show ending values on the second pie chart ; Embed pie charts in Stock Salesperson’s. Be thoughtful about this work:

Use Print Preview often to see how your page is really looking. Always check formulas in the Formula Bar for correct cell references and other kinds Of information. Your teacher may ask to see a version of your table showing the formulas in your cells. Go to Tools > Options > View: in Window options, check Formulas. Final Project Requirements: a. ) Title page (Using Microsoft Word) b. ) Table of contents c. ) Format each of your worksheets using grid lines, page border, shading and vertical and horizontal centering. Complete your project so it looks as professional as you can make it.

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