Excursion to Fort McKavett Before Howard Days Essay

Plans are in the works for a group of Howard Heads to caravan down to Fort McKavett and Enchanted Rock on June 7, the day before Howard Days kicks into high gear - Excursion to Fort McKavett Before Howard Days Essay introduction.  These two locales were visited by Howard on his many treks around Texas and the Southwest.  Thanks to Rob Roehm and his Dad, we now know the exact spot where this picture was taken, among the ruins of the Officers Quarters in July  of 1933.  Now Howard fans who make the pilgrimage to the Fort can have a similar picture taken of themselves (Damn, I ought to look into getting the concession on this!) standing on the very spot Two-Gun stood 74 years ago.  Be sure and visit this website to get the lowdown on the history of the Fort and its location.  Even if you can’t make it this June, you can visit any time of the year and swing by Cross Plains while you are in the neighborhood.

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Excursion to Fort McKavett Before Howard Days
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