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Expelled Reflection Question

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Expelled Reflection Question
People describe science and religion as two ways of truth. Both ways have a different idea that always clashes with the other. In the movie, scientists who question and not believe in Darwinism are being exiled from academia and blacklisted. I do not agree with this point, as I firmly believe freedom exists in this world. These extreme cases shown in the movie are believed to be an exceptional case and not the whole truth. There are many scientists are Catholics, why would they not be blacklisted? Controversy and debates are going on endlessly between God and science.

The reason is there are not enough puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle of this world. Nevertheless, yet, people are so inquisitive about finding out how the puzzle will look like after it is completed. Is it possible to reach an intersection point where everyone accepts both science and religion? I have reached this intersection point, that I think science and religion are both important to understand the truths.

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Expelled Reflection Question
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Conflicts can be solved easily when you analyze the overall picture in an open-minded, unbiased way.
Until now, we are not able to find how life began. This has nothing to do with Evolution. Evolution is only the process that acts on life after it exists. Not knowing how life began does not affect our study of evolution nor does it invalidate the evidence. Accepting evolution does not necessarily lead to Atheism. Many Christians accept evolution with no theological problem. In the same way, I find no clash in studying science in a religious education environment. Rather, I enjoy studying in this environment for learning both science and religion beliefs. There is no absolutely truth for both, but it is only a matter on your belief. Religion can never be proven wrong, but also no evidence to show it is correct. To believe in religion, one must stay strong in one’s faith. Science tries to explain evolution, but fails because of the lack.

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