Experience Discussion: Revenge at Any Cost Essay

Lachazmine Brown
September 29, 2009
Sarah King
D. Grant-WilliamsAssignment: Revenge At Any Cost: Discussion Questions 1. “Revenge is a sort of savage justice.” Yes it really is because if u gets revenge you gain a certain kind of self respect for yourself. 2. “In taking revenge, a person does indeed get even with his enemy.” Not all the time but most of the time depending on what the enemy did. 3. “People who spend most of their time worrying about past injuries just waste their time.” They really do but as I would say don’t let it worry you just do what needs to be done now in the present.

 4. “Revenge is most allowable when there is no specific law to correct an injury.” Not really because there is always a law for something that has been done to you that was wrong of any kind of nature.  5. “Not letting your enemy know you are going to get even is a cowardly thing to do.” It kind of is because that’s like you sneaking up on them don’t just sit there and get revenge without letting them know what you are going to do to them let them know first hand what type of revenge you plan on getting so 0they can be prepared to fight back.

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 6. “People who take revenge live the lives of witches.” They really do live the life of a guilty person even though it was wrong for them to do what ever it was they did that still doesn’t give you a reason to do the same thing they did to you to them or even worse.

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