Experience of Motivation in Work Life

The Wikipedia definition: Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors - Experience of Motivation in Work Life introduction. It can be considered a driving force; a psychological one that compels or reinforces an action toward a desired goal. We discussed in our group, motivational experiences of each one of us. Everybody had a unique experience to share. We could not decide which one to choose. But one thing which was common in each story was the characteristics of the person who influenced us.

The motivating person in each story was a leader who extended himself/herself to us, mentored us, and was honest, authentic, helpful and optimistic. We had to choose one motivational experience, so we discussed and came to a conclusion to share this one: I worked with this beautiful lady for two years. I used the word beautiful because she was beautiful at the heart. She was my manager and it was my first job. The first experience is always the one which lasts forever and luckily it was very good in my case. My manager introduced me to the team and she welcomed me on behalf of everybody.

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She assigned a mentor to me for first month so that I don’t feel strange in the new environment. Not only that, she came to my desk at least once a day and asked me about my experience. I felt secure and important. She always took time from her busy schedule to guide me in my work whenever I approached her for assistance. She was so humble and generous, that I never hesitated to approach her for my personal problems as well. Once I had to take off from office without a prior notice due to some emergency. I was new joiner and was worried about the consequences. But my manager listened to my problem and she handled the situation very well.

She even asked me if I need any help from her side. She always encouraged me to take higher responsibilities in work place as well as my life. She always used to acknowledge my work in team meetings and if there was anything she wanted me to improve, she gave an advice in private. She was always on time and this encouraged us to be on time. She was so charismatic and influential that whatever task she assigned to us, we did it for her sake. We never wanted to let her down. She also used to organize team parties where team members used to interact and know each other better.

This actually helped people to understand each other’s behavior. When I joined the team, she organized a small pizza party to welcome me to the team. She also encouraged me to go for higher studies and she helped me by providing her notes also. I was touched by her personality and the positive aura that she had. We would like to analyze this experience using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. In the above experience, the basic need of the person which is salary was being satisfied by the organization. The manager served to satisfy the security needs, social needs and esteem needs.

When the manager assigned a mentor to the new joiner, the person felt a sense of security. He/she could approach the mentor in case of any difficulty. Also, personally coming to desk at least once in a day and taking feedback from the joiner makes him/her feel that he/she is an important part of the organization. How would we motivate others if we were in the boss: “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ” We strongly believe in this quote and also try to implement in all my career as well as personal endeavors.

If We was the head of an Organization then We would be very careful in my dealings not only with the old employees but also with the new ones. Whenever a new employee joins the team he/she will definitely have some apprehensions and even hesitations in keeping their points forward. We would empower them by not only addressing their basic needs but also the social and esteem needs. We would try to make them comfortable in the team and also along with that We would also take care of the old employees by creating an emotional connect with them. Feeling for their needs and appreciating their efforts.

We would also make sure that all of my subordinates and juniors have a sense of security in them. Some light moments should be there amongst all for people to gel together. We would organize team meetings and outings for encouraging team work and creativity in the team. We would personally attend to every one of them so that they feel that they are important part in my scheme of things. Apart from this we would also take pride in introducing my team to other members so that each and every member realizes his or her role and takes pride in its position.

Love and care are the two feelings which can help to win the confidence and also connect to the inner soul of the person. As a head it’s my duty to be able to judge the moods and the feelings of my employees, so that we can help them in need and also motivate them to get better efficiency and output from them. Learning experience from the exercise: This has been a thought provoking and self-realization exercise for me. I have realized how important small things are in life and how much we should respect others and give them not only time but also the space they command and expect.

If we treat our employees nicely then we can form a good bond with them and also enjoy in a healthy work culture where learning and working is not only fun but also the efficiency commitment is much more thus the output is more than any other scenarios. In real word applying the concepts and the practical examples learnt from this exercise is not easy but if we start with small steps then we can achieve bigger goals. So if we start applying this learning of motivating others and caring for their needs with our classmates and fellow students then we can eventually learn by experience and become Business Ready managers.

In the end we conclude with a famous saying by David Storey. The manager introduced the new joiner to the team and also organized team parties where people got to know each other and shared their personal experiences. This can be viewed as satisfaction of social needs of a person. Every person wants to be loved and to love others. He wants to interact with others and share experiences. This goes the same way for workplaces as well. If people have their social needs satisfied they will give better output. Esteem needs are the next important thing. The manager used to appreciate and acknowledge the people in team meetings.

This encourages people to work even better for the next assignment. They want to rise further and they never want to let their manager down. Also, the most important thing is that the manager in the above example used to share feedback in private which is really a good example of a leader. Self-actualization can also be seen in the experience shared above. The manager encouraged our friend to take higher responsibilities in the organization. She also encouraged her to go for higher studies. She made our friend realize her potential and encouraged her personal growth.

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