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Explain the Concept of Personal Constructs Essays

Explain the concept of personal constructs. What is a personal construct? How are personal constructs related to social perspectives? What is the relationship between personal constructs and behavior? Compose your response in a single, 200- to 300- word post. Eddington said, "Science is the attempt to set in order the facts of experience. " George Kelly utilized this idea. He inferred that psychology as a science was an attempt to set in order the facts of human experience so that the psychologist could make good predictions about what people will do when confronted by new situations.

He stated that each individual's task in understanding their personal psychology is to put in order the facts of his or her own experience. Then each of us is to test the accuracy of that constructed knowledge by performing those actions the constructs suggest. If the results of our actions are in line with what the knowledge predicted then we have done a good job of finding the order in our personal experience. If not, then we can modify the construct: our interpretations or our predictions or both. People develop constructs as internal ideas of reality in order to understand the world around them.

They are based on our interpretations of our observations and experiences. The construct helps predict and control the interpersonal world. The construct affect the way people interact with other and how they perceive the opinion or action of other. People are best understood in terms of their own construct systems. Each person develops his or her own construct system that contains a number of constructs organized into a hierarchy. ’ Every person’s construct system is unique, which means that everybody divides up subjective experience in a slightly different way.

To know another person’s construct system is to see the world through his or her eyes. Within a given person’s construct system, particular constructs differ from one another with respect to their range of convenience. It is likely to guide the person’s anticipations of events in a large number of situations. Each person react different to different situation or person based in their previous experiences, and it can affect the way they interact in similar situation, bringing a predeterminated behavior or (depending on the person) set changes to adapt.

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