Expressing my Thoughts on Euthanasia

Good Afternoon fellow, today I would like to express my thoughts on euthanasia. You might think to yourself, what is that? Well, that is what I thought, until I had watched a T. V documentary last year. Euthanasia in Ancient Greek means “good death”. Can you imagine the thought of throwing your life away in a blink of an eye? You would have to think to yourself what really drives people to go through with such a horrendous procedure. Euthanasia can be explained in two ways: Active euthanasia, this happens when a person directly and deliberately causes the persons death.

Assisted suicide, this is when the person who wants to die needs help to kill themselves. According to a survey conducted in two thousand and two, sixty three percent of the people who took the survey would want to die on their own without euthanasia and only thirty percent of the people who took the survey would want euthanasia. Oregon, Washington, Montana, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are the only jurisdictions in the world where laws permit euthanasia or assisted suicide.

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Firstly, I totally oppose Euthanasia and should be illegal everywhere because it devalues life which has been given by God and should only be taken away by God. Another big issue is when health insurance companies try to contain their cost by suggesting and making people go through euthanasia even if they weren’t considering it. Physicians and other medical care people should not be involved in directly causing death or at least have the right to.

There is a “slippery slope” effect that has occurred where euthanasia has been first been legalized for only the terminally ill and later laws are changed to allow it for other people or to be done non-voluntarily and if other countries start to legalize euthanasia they would have the same slippery slope. There’s also another problem as the word terminal is very controversial as there isn’t a defined meaning to how long. Charles Odom, a thirty four year-old former Air Force officer, happened to get into an accident that caused him to become disabled.

His disabilities did not stop him; Odom got on a plane and flew to the Supreme Court with other people with disabilities. Odom stated, “The worry is that if there’s a right to an assisted suicide it will be used to get rid of us. ” Innocent lives would be taken just because their disabled, that doesn’t sound right to me as again this would devalue life. Pope John Paul II, in two thousand and four quotes- “A man, even seriously sick or prevented in the exercise of its higher functions, is and will always be a man [he/she] will never become a ‘vegetable or an animal’.

The intrinsic value and personal dignity of every human being does not change depending on their circumstances. Ok, let’s say you are unfortunate to be in this state a ‘vegetable or an animal’, you could argue that euthanasia or assisted suicide could Provide a way to relieve extreme pain but in this world today there are many of different ways of relieving pain without killing yourself. You may also argue that it provides a way of life when a personal quality of life is low but how can we assess as to how low your quality of life is.

One could say that it frees up medical funds to help other people but everyone should have their fair share of medical funds. An example of a person that has gone through assisted suicide was: Terri Schiavo, a married woman in a vegetative state, was in a hospital. She breathed on her own; the only tube she had in her was one giving her hydration and nutrition. Terri was not terminally ill. She was healthy with a mere disability. Terri’s parents asked her husband to step down as her legal guardian and allow them to take over.

The family went through many courts but in the end her husband won and her feeding tube was removed. She died slowly, after days. Is this the right thing to do to an innocent woman? People who support euthanasia often say that it is already considered permissible to take human life under some circumstances such as self defense – but they miss the point that when one kills for self defense they are saving innocent life – either their own or someone else’s.

With euthanasia no one’s life is being saved – life is only taken. The Roman Catholic Church does not accept that human beings have a right to die. Since it is morally wrong to commit suicide it is morally wrong to help someone commit suicide. I being a Christian am strongly against euthanasia as life is given by God and taken by God. No human being has the authority to take the life of an innocent person, even if that person wants to die.

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