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For experience 4c we were supposed to determine which one is the organic layer in three different tubes that has two layers - Extraction Report Essay introduction. To determine which is aqueous (water) or organic, I used the technique of adding droplets of water to each tube. If the layer is water, then the drops of added water will dissolve in the aqueous layer and increase it’s volume. If the added water form droplets or a new layer, then it is the organic layer.

Tube 1 (water and n-butyl chloride), after adding couple droplets of water, the water seems to dissolved at the bottom layer. This make sense because the density of water is 1000 kg/m3 is more dense than n-butyl chloride (880 kg/m3) and so we can say that water would be the bottom layer that’s why when water droplets was added in, the water dissolved at the bottom layer. Tube number 2 (water and n-butyl bromide), after adding few drops of water, the bottom layer form a droplet.

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This make sense because again, density of water is 1000 kg/m3 while density for n-butyl bromide is 1276 kg/m3 so n-butyl got to be at the bottom, and this result in the forming water droplet at the bottom layer. And tube number 3 (water and saturated aqueous sodium bromide), this tube again the same as second tube, water is the top layer, NaBr is the bottom layer because NaBr has a density of 3210 kg/m3. For experience 4d: Question 1. Presumably I have an acidic compound and a neutral compound in the mixture. The acid is represent by RCOOH.

So with the NaOH added, it form the sodium salt (which is soluble in water and the neutral compound is not). RCOOH goes to RCOONa. Then I separate the layers, add HCl to the RCOONa which forms the original acid and that is what is precipitating. If I have all of the acid removed from the mixture, then the second extract contains no RCOONa and no precipitate is formed when HCl is added. Question 2: The melting point of the neutral compound is 75 to 85C. Question 3: Based on the melting point, the identity of the compound is fluorenone.

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