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Extracurricular Activities Affecting the Academic Performance of Students

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    Extracurricular activities and academics has been related to each other for many reasons but they all revolve around the life of th e average student. It’s also been observed that one affects the other when it comes to the growth of the student. Many have their own opinions regarding extracurricular activities whether it’s better to take an extracurricular or just focus on the academics.

    In the many studies and articles, related to this academics and extracurriculars, most of them come into the conclusion that extracurriculars aid to the academics of the student in many ways such motivation, character growth, etc.In conclusion, extracurriculars always had affected academics and most turn out for the positive for the student Extracurricular activities will always be a part of the student’s life. They will one day come across the time when they would be participating in one field of extracurricular activity, whether it be in the field of sports (i. e.

    swimming, basketball), arts(i. e. drawing, dancing, music) or social(i. e.

    student organization).Genuinely, it builds character for the average student but some students in the college level dwell too much on these type of activities and has affected them not only in character and social but also affected the academic performance of the student, be it positive or negative. Extracurricular activities may be a good thing for the student to improve their talent but also take note that these types of activities would hinder their time for their academic responsibilities which may result in the loss of interest in academics and may contribute to additional behavioural complications. HERNANDO-MALIPOT, INA) In another study, tells that these activities actually contribute to the student’s social and academic concept, educational aspirations, academic achievement to name a few.

    (Marsh) Extracurricular Activities are activities performed by students that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school or university education. Extracurricular activities exist at all levels of education, from 4th-6th, junior high/high school, college and university education. It has been noted that these activities affects the academic performance of the student.Academic performance refers to how students deal with their studies and how they cope with or accomplish different tasks given to them by their teachers.

    Academic performance is the ability to study and remember facts and being able to communicate your knowledge verbally or down on paper. It has been noted that factors outside the field of academics affect the academic performance of students, although there are quite many, extracurricular activities are one of them. A student is a learner, or someone who attends an educational institution.In its widest use, student is used for anyone who is learning.

    The student will be the primary subject of study and also to gain more insight on their perspective of the study as to how extracurricular activities affect the students’ academics and at to what extent. The study aims to gain insight on how extracurricular activities affect the academic performance of students. The student has a deep-rooted connection to extracurricular activities because every student aspires to do many things in his/her school life especially when they start college, be it related to their career or not.The students’ are free to make their own decisions regarding joining an organization that offers activities that cater to the students’ needs as long as they know that they will give a part of their free time to participate in these activities.

    It will also be an asset to the student because these activities contribute to the social activity of the student. (McGaha; Fitzpatrick) To know how much does extracurricular activities extend to affect the academic performance of the average student.This study is significant because it will be useful and elaborate insight on how extracurricular activities affect the academic performance of the student. It will provide a nice relevant study for the school administrators.

    It will narrow the factors which causes the declining of the academic performance of the student. It can also be a proof that extracurricular activities must be encouraged among student because it promotes the academic performance of the student as well as their social wellness.It may also benefit them because this study also aims to know the extent of how extracurricular activities affect the student’s academic performance. Extracurricular activities are offered to any student but not all students are active members of their organization.

    There are also students that do not even participate in these kinds of activities. Therefore, my subject of the study would be limited to the active members of their extracurricular organization. This study will be beneficial to the ff.School Administrators – they will know whether to limit or to offer more extracurricular activities to the students depending on the result of the study.

    Students – they will know the effects of extracurricular activities if it would affect their academic performance or not depending on the study Teachers/Guidance Counsellors – they will know whether to encourage or discourage the student to take extracurricular activities depending on the result of this study Thesis StatementBecause extracurricular activities affect the academic performance of students to an extent, it should also be clarified that if it may lead to positive or negative effects on student’s academics. To what extent does extracurricular activities affect the student? Extracurricular activities’ purpose is to promote positivity in students to become a capable student. If one activity becomes a habit to the student it will definitely affect the academic performance of the student especially in terms of extent or magnitude.One activity is extracurricular activity and it will definitely affect one’s academic performance because it promotes many things in a student.

    Rombokas(1995) in her study regarding extracurricular activities, she conducted this study through a questionnaire regarding the co-relation of extracurricular activities and the students’ activities with 94 students available in the campus. The concluded results were that the student who participated in extracurricular (spec. sports) are more likely to have a better grade than that of non-participants of extracurricular activities.The cause of these are found to be the character-building lectures they had in their extracurricular activities and applying them in their academic responsibilities.

    Through their extracurricular activities, they learn how to control themselves through exercise activities such as drills and such. By doing so, they gain positive and admirable traits such as positive esteem, respect and confidence, in which it will have a positive remark on social activeness. Would extracurricular activities make a good choice in altering the academic mind of students?Would it stray the academic mindset of the student towards his extracurriculars? Social, character and trait building are the primary means of why parents, school faculty and school administrators promote and encourage students but they do not consider that it also aids in building the student’s academic performance. Student who enjoy their extracurricular do not want be exiled from their extracurricular, so they maintain their academic grades just to enjoy what they do in their extracurricular activity.

    Eccles;Barber(2003) stated in their study entitled “Extracurricular Activities and Adolescent development”. That study focuses on the field where extracurricular activities and academic grades of students, as well as their risky behaviours, are correlated. Different extracurricular activities in which students participated in was examined and observed which also includes their likely outcomes. The categories for the extracurricular activities in this study are divided in 5, which are Pro-social activities, Team Sports, Performing Arts, School-related activities and Academic Clubs.

    In these categories, they are also compared to each other and also to non-participating students. In pro-social activities it has been proven that the students are likely to enjoy their academic life, less involved in risky behaviours and a positive effect on their academic performance.Team Sports activities, it has been noted that there is an increase in risky behaviours such as drinking alcohol but has retained the fact that Team Sports activities promote academic performance and enjoyed their academic life better than on-participating students in the extracurricular field. Performing Arts also did have the same results as pro-social activities but the male gender had more significant results than the female gender.

    In school-participating activities, it is also the same as pro-social activities but less to absence of involvement in risky behaviours. Same can be said with Academic Clubs but produced much higher positive effect in their academic performance. In this conducted study it has been concluded that there extracurricular activities make a good choice in altering the mind-set of the student.Based on articles and studies gathered for this scholarly paper, extracurricular activities take a positive effect on the academic performance of the students through character building, and social skills gained from extracurricular activities.

    They can easily integrate those in their academic responsibilities and not to mention that they are more aware of it. Extracurricular Activities should be encouraged to students knowingly not only because of personal interest in that particular activity but to know the positive effects it would bring to one student.

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