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Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Hr Management Essay

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Managing and Developing People | | | | | | | | | |Nikita Cherezov | |14. 1. 2013 | | | Factors affecting the efficiency of HR management “Human resources are the most important capital of a company – the vital contact with customers – the key for success” (Tom Farmer, 2010).

For the successful implementation of the strategic objectives in the field of personnel management is of paramount importance to study the factors affecting productivity, timely and full use of reserves growth and improvement based on this science-based system analysis and planning of labor and assess the effectiveness of personnel management.

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Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Hr Management
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High growth rates of personnel management in general, and labor productivity in particular provided evidence-based use of the full range of factors that influence the effectiveness of human resource management. The theoretical value of the classification of the factors of personnel management is that it allows you to more fully disclose the nature of labor, determine the relationship between the factors identified in the particular action of some factors specific to each direction of the company.

Existing theory and practice to study the factors of productivity growth can construct sophisticated general classification according to the purpose of the study.

Based on the economic substance, the following classification of factors affecting the efficiency of human resource management (Figure 1): Figure 1. Classification of factors influencing the efficiency of HR management |Factors |Factors content |Physiological |Sex; | | |Age; | | |The state of health; | | |Mental capacities; | | |Physical ability, etc. |Technical and process |The nature of tasks; | | |Complexity of the work; | | |Technical equipment; | | |The level of science and technology, etc. |Structural and organizational |Work conditions; | | |The volume of business; | | |Mode of operation; | | |Work experience; | | |Qualification of personnel; | | |The level of use of personnel, etc. | |Socio-economic |financial incentives; | | |Insurance; | | |Social benefits; | | |Quality of life, etc. | |Social and psychological Morale climate in collective; | | |Psycho-physiological condition of the employee; | | |The status and recognition;- | | |The organizational culture of the company; | | |Gratitude; | | |The prospect of promotion, etc. |Territorial and situational |The location of the firm; | | |The time spent on the road from home to work; | | |The level of competition; | | |Inflation; | | |Unemployment; | | |Differentiation of incomes; | According to the degree of control factors can be divided into unregulated, poorly regulated and controlled. Unregulated factors are independent of management decisions, they include factors that characterize the location of the branch, the presence of competitors, etc. Under the most lightly regulated to understand the factors that have a large inertia, which change over time little affected by management decisions.

These factors include: the size of the company representative, the volume and structure of capital assets, the characteristics of the technical level of production (output machines, mechanization and automation of production, etc. ). The regulated include factors that characterize the quality of personnel management, the level of production and labor, the degree of utilization of resources, etc. This group of factors and form the baseline we need for further research. In my view, the effectiveness of HR influences, above all, the competence of employees and their level of motivation. In this case, the competence of employees depends on their level of education (knowledge), experience (skills) and personal abilities. One can hardly deny that the remuneration or compensation to employees is a critical factor affecting the efficiency of resource management. Stimulation of workers may not be the only way to improve individual, group and organizational performance, even, but it is probably a necessary condition for its improvement in most organizations in the long run. ” The main value of the compensation system is to stimulate the production behavior of personnel, sending it to achieve its strategic objectives, in other words, to connect the material interests of employees with the strategic objectives of the firm. The analysis is based premise that motivation is the most important causal factor in the efficiency of the employee. Furthermore, the promotion of high performance at the individual level will have a direct and significant impact on the efficiency of the company as a whole. Motivation needed to achieve high efficiency of the staff, but it’s not enough for one.

In my opinion, the performance of an employee depends on the conditions in which (cleanliness, fresh air, etc. ), what equipment, in which the team he works, how it can use its intellectual potential in the workplace, whether it has the ability make decisions and manage people, etc. ” Effect of changes in the macroeconomic situation (unemployment, structural adjustment of the economy, the overall decline in production) to work motivation is important to examine the basis of the complex structure of the motivational complex. Motivation is seen as a contradictory unity of three components: the value of work, the requirements of the work and the feasibility of these requirements. There are many such factors that affect the efficiency of human resource management, which is important to remember officers to staff management. Thus, the incentives of workers may not be the only way to effectively manage staff, but, nevertheless, the main factors affecting the efficiency of human resource management are economic methods to motivate employees. The traditional system of compensation for my experience in the Ltd. Orbit-IAS provides that the remuneration received by an employee from the company, made up of constant salary and benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, pension plans, or reduced price meals, travel expenses, welfare, recreation sanatoriums and other additional benefits that improve the standard of living.

Recently, management of the system of benefits has become an important component of effective personnel management. This requires special attention from supervisors and special skills of personnel management. Non-traditional payment methods can be divided into three main groups – the system variable salary groupware wage system to pay for knowledge and competence. ” Types of awards include three main groups: economic, prestige, job satisfaction. ” Depict various incentives which became widespread, which can and should be used in the target company “Orbita-IAS” in order to increase the effectiveness of human resource management in the form of Figure 2. Figure 2. Basic methods of motivating staff |Individual |Group | |Economic (direct) |Piecework |distribution of profits: | | |Time payment |Scanlon system | | |Award for innovation |Rakker system | | |Pay for knowledge |”Improsheyr” system | |Economic (indirect) |Reduced price meals |Additional payments | | |Insurance |Group award | | |Pension benefits | | | |Extra charge for experience | | | |Free Food | | | |Award (Premium) | | |Intangible |Earned time off |Program to improve the quality of working life | |Flexible work schedules |Occupational safety and health | | |Gratitude | | | |Promotion | | | |Education | | That in addition to money, there are many other factors that influence the effectiveness of human resource management – common knowledge. “People need money – notes, for example, A. Morita – but they want to enjoy their work and be proud of it. It should be noted that the standard approaches to motivating, organizing incentive often ineffective: Incentives vary depending on contingent workers facing collective challenges, its features, etc. The presence of factors such as the mode of flexible working time allows employees to adjust the schedule to their individual characteristics, which positively affects the efficiency of the staff. Many firms also provide their employees additional paid and unpaid leave. It is important to remember the positive impact of good working conditions on the performance of the organization at the time of a new production, job creation and reorganization of existing ones. Ergonomic aspects must be taken into account.

Merits, gratitude for the work done, as well, are important factors affecting the efficiency of human resource management and strengthen incentives to work. Motivators are not only numerous prizes, gifts, etc. The nature of remuneration of labor depends on its quantity and quality, as well as meets the wishes and hopes of the workers themselves. One of the most effective factors for effective work – promotion. Of great importance is the opportunity to purchase shares of the company that created the impression of worker co-owner. One has to agree with I. Clarkson, who believes that “negative motivation usually leads to a forced agreement subordinate.

Although the forced agreement better than none, yet you should first attempt to apply the tools of positive motivation. “”As a general rule – believed Finnish researchers, such as Santalaynen (www1) – can be noted that the positive measures or positive reinforcement are more effective than negative action or negative reinforcement. ” However, in our view, the same above-cited experts do not deny the need for treatment, and if this is in fact a need, to negative interventions. In general, they say, in terms of motivating subordinates worst situation is when the latter do not receive any reinforcement which, as it shows a complete indifference to his leadership.

As we see how the organization rewards its employees, depends largely on its success, so the management compensation is a strategically important area for management of any company. In our opinion, the inefficient system of remuneration of employees can cause frustration, which leads to a reduction in productivity, reduction in quality, high staff turnover, the tensions between employees, breach of discipline, and vice versa. By-point evaluation method values ?? in life I have a survey of my work friends. Work as a significant value in most cases took 5-8 places along with material prosperity and social justice. The pooled analysis of labor values ?? fter adjusting for their relevance to the respondents, where the estimated such symptoms as an opportunity for self-realization, good earnings, low workload, autonomy, opportunities for promotion, training, performance of public duty, gaining respect of others, housing and other household goods, communication and others, showed that the only absolute value can be called “interesting work” (75%). Thus, the content of the work largely determines the degree of satisfaction with their jobs and rights, as a result, often acts as one of the leading factors in the stability of production teams. Study of the functions of labor in terms of their content, the creative richness, diversity of tasks suggests that the carrier of information worker performs as a participant in the labor process.

Improving the efficiency of human resource management related to the optimization of the administrative staff, the improvement of training and staff development, the strengthening of labor discipline, reduced loss of working time. References: Clarkson, I, 1992. “Human Resource Management: Efficiency and Economic Organization”. 3rd ed. Paris: MCB UP Ltd. http://www. opm. gov. 1999. Strategic Human Resources Management. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. opm. gov/studies/alignnet. pdf. [Accessed 11 January 13]. H o r n g r e n , S. , Management accounting, Pearson International Edition, 2008, Stratton, Schatzberg, Burgstahler. http://www. idea. gov. uk. 2013. The HR function and efficiency. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. idea. gov. uk/idk/aio/4542250. [Accessed 13 January 13].

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