Facts on Artistic Sculptures and their Creators

Facts on Artistic Sculptures and their Creators

This paper tends to compare the sculptural works of two certain artists who are Deborah Butterfield and Judy Fox - Facts on Artistic Sculptures and their Creators introduction. Included in this paper is an analysis and elaboration of one of their certain work’s genre or parallelism on style or on other aspect of the artwork.

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This paper also tends to give some facts about the creators of the sculptures being compared such as description of the works which includes material used and even its current location.

Deborah Butterfield is a sculptor who focuses on horse figures she is known creating abstract horses. She uses mediums such as ceramics or porcelain, metals, plasters, steels, and even woods. She currently lives at Montana and her styles are said to be abstract and realism. Her undying inspiration on creating a horse figured sculptures is influenced by an important motif which is said to be depicting the western art and culture which helped her in her career in arts (art).

Deborah’s sculptures are a typical example of her continuous commitment on figuring out about the artistic imagery on the relation of human and his natural world. She creates her sculptures with different materials which she founds such as scrap of a metal, pieces of discarded woods, and bronze (art).

Judy fox is another sculptor who, on the other hand, focuses on child-figure sculptures, her style is said to be an early 20th century modernist painting. She is currently living at New York. She is a sculptor who uses fired clay into which she always paints with casein. Her sculptural works always pictures a child in which the sexuality is emphasized or in focus (Absolutearts.com).

Fox uses the characters on certain fairy tales to create her sculptures, others from myth, and even scripture which she changes into a child figure. She mixes reality and fantasy or mythological ideas of character in order to create her sculpture in which she defines as seeking for seemingly perfect or ideals, an art which is beautiful, and an art which is considered divine. Her willingness to create an ideal icon into real is shown in the effective and one of a kind produced sculpture.

Fox creates her sculpture using either terra-cotta or hydrastone for molding. Her child-figured sculptures are a combination of idealized and realistic or general features. This shows that her works are much more like the heroic characters on different tales who are also a combination of a somehow fact but is basically a fiction (Absolutearts.com).

A work of Deborah to be compared with Fox’s is the Horse which is made from mud and straw, and other details; h: 86.5 x w: 77.5 x d: 24 in / h: 219.7 x w: 196.8 x d: 61 cm. this can be found currently at Masterworks Fine Art Gallery (art). This work of Butterfield is defined as both a product of mythical creatures and as a realistic character. In addition, the existence of the horse’s character is directly impacted to nature.

Fox’s work the Olympia is an original terra-cotta made sculpture painted with casein, and other details; 12 x 27 x 8 in. x 30.4 x 68.5 x 20.3 cm (Absolutearts.com). This sculpture can be seen in the POWW gallery. Just like Butterfield’s sculpture, Fox’s sculpture also is a product of mythical creature and at the same time they both depict a realistic character.

The two works compared are both created in a life-size which made them appear alive and stunning. Another which shows similarity to both sculptures discussed is the reality that both of the sculptures are an icon of the culture which influences them. This is depicted in their respective works such as the western culture for Deborah’s horse and mythical or fantasy influenced culture for Judy Fox’s creations.

Both of the sculptors’ work represents a figure into which they depict the combination of mythical idea or character into real by creating their masterpieces. They present a work which stands out because of its unique character and seemingly live presentation.

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