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Failure of the League of Nations

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Absence Of Great Powers : It was unfortunate that the covenant of the League of Nations was made a part parcel of the peace settlement. It would have been better if it had kept separate. There were many states which consider the Treaty Of Versailles as a treaty of revenge, and were not prepared to ratify the same. By not retifying the treaty , they refused to be the members of the League. The absence of the great powers from the international organization weakened her and was partly responsible for its ultimate failure.

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Failure of the League of Nations
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Japan , Germany and Italy also left the League and their defection must have weakened the League. 2. Domination Of France and England : It was felt that the League Of Nations was dominated by England and France and consequently the other states began to loose their confidence in that organization. 3. Rise Of Dictatorship : The rise of dictatorship in Italy, Japan and Germany also weakened the chances of success of the League of Nations .

Japan was determined to acquire fresh territories and her unscrupulous patriotism threw to the winds of all principles of international law and morality. If the League was to prepared to condone (confirm) her fault of conquering Manchuria . She was to prepared to give up her membership of the League and that is exactly what she actually did. When League decided to take action against Italy on account for her aggression in Abyssinia , Italy left the League.

In the wake up spreading dictatorship states continued to be the members of the League so long as their national interest were not in any way endangered and sacrificed. 4. Decisions were slow. When the crisis occurred , the League was supposed to act quickly. But instead the need for all members of the league to agree on a course of action undermined the strength of the League. 5. Loss Of Faith In League: Small nations lost their faith in the effectiveness of The League to save them from any aggression. The principle of collective security was not pplied in actual practice. Each state decided to follow its own policy , the principle of security weakened and thus there was nothing to check the aggressive policy of Hitler. 6. The world was divided into two social systems-the capitalistic and socialistic. The absence of Russia created a very real danger that the League might be used against the new socialist state. According to most of the thinkers , existence of League Of Nations was at wrong time. It is wrong to believe League Of Nations done nothing , it paved the way of United Nations Organizations

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