Fairy Tales Were Not Created Solely to Teach Children Moral Standards

Snow White’s message may partly be to teach both children and adults that the world can be an ugly place, and that they should not trust everyone. Another message is about finding happiness without the aid of material things and that true happiness comes from within us. Maybe fairy tales were not created solely to teach children moral standards, but to feed their imaginations and introduce them to the way stories and life sometimes works. The use of strong character development and structured narratives would shine some light to the collective emotions we all face and share as humans. There is evil, but there is also good, death and life are inseparable, marriage and love are virtuous, being beautiful is not that glamorous, and envy can consume those that are poisoned by it. Being vain, like the evil queen, will end in sorrow, due to the mere fact of constantly comparing oneself to others. I think that a message is also found in the demise of the evil queen as much as it is in Snow White. In the end this film gave people hope, love, hate, and all the emotions associated with a great film. One thing that Disney was good at doing was sending a message that he cared about the well-being and pure entertainment of his audience.

Another impactful component of the film was an attribute that was not commonly familiar in the 1930s yet is still utilized today, called, personality animation. From the start of his career, Walt had pushed his artists to strive to achieve more than just the simple mechanics of animation and to create characters who move and expressed themselves that would match that characters personality. Although this task was quiet difficult, the Disney artists pushed ahead, studying countlessly until they mastered this style of animation. All the practice paid off upon the completion of Snow White. The other amazing feat they accomplished on Snow White that changed the future of animation was to allocate each one of the dwarfs a specific disposition, and a name that matched his characteristics. These developments in the art of animation changed the industry forever for generations to come.

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Disney risked everything he had in the making of Snow White, but in doing so he established his studio as a major league player amongst Hollywood’s elite. Snow White paved the way for future hits from Pinocchio all the way to this year’s Incredibles 2. Without the making of Snow White the boundaries might have never been pushed and modern film, animation, and the meshing of the two would maybe never have had a place in the glitz and glam of Hollywood or even global market.

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