An Introduction to My Life

An introduction to my life. In my eyes i have led a decent life . I grew up in a nice safe neighborhood and was nurtured and loved for by everyone around me. I have nothing to complain about, I’ve been privileged to have such loving parents. Now in reality my sugar coated life started turning sour at the age of 14 when i started getting a sense of independence. From then on i have not been the same and in reading the following u will find out why.

When i was younger mommy and daddy living in separate houses was normal to me. My parents were separated when i was 3. So it had no immediate effect on me, but in the long run not living with my father and mother in the same house left me wishing they were together .It also left me dreaming of what it would be like living with both of them. An event that sticks out in my mind as a child was the only time i remember sleeping in the same bed with my mother and father. That night we had been coming from some function and there was a motorcycle in front of my house and being young the first thing i wanted to to was touch it, and that i did. But unluckily i touched the tailpipe and i was piping hot. I had a minor burn on my finger and i remember that night laying there with my mother on my right and my father on my left with my finger in some ice feeling the safest I ever had in my life. A person that sticks out in my mind as a child was my babysitter Renee. I always liked her house and i was comfortable there. She was married and had a son who was handicapped. but his handicap meant nothing to me see his mother and father living in the same home not fighting all the time she and her home enviorment made me feel good.

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Ok now we are in the present,my parents different attitudes toward raising children clash in my behavior. My mother complains of my acting different every time i come from my fathers house. Its because my fathers more laid back towards his approach in raising me. He’s not always yelling at me about this that or the other and he gives me more freedom. My mother is the exact opposite sometimes i feel like a prisoner in my own home. i have to be home early every time i go outside. Its very embarrassing telling your friends you have to go home at an early time,in the summer mind you. Its just aggravating fighting all the time over stupidness, i feel like I’m married to her sometimes(notice my negative view on marriage and relationships).A person who has had an effect on me in the present is my older brother. He has been an integral part in my life even though he doesn’t call me and i don’t see him that much. Just the thought of having an older brother, someone you can relate to easily is enough. He has given me good advice and lead me in the right direction throughout my adolescence and his advice is always truthful helpful. An event that has stuck out in my mind were 2 concerts i went to in the summer of 98 and 99. It was an eye opener. The experience really convinced me that making music and being involved with the industry is what i wanted to do. The energy and love the rappers and singers get and give is amazing, it just draws you in.

I feel much better now that the developmental stage in my life is over. I feel i have established some sort of grounding and stability now that the confused stage is over. An event that will forever change the rest of my life was the birth of my children Jade and James(twins) , they have touched me like nobody has. And after my life experiences i will try my hardest to stay with my wife and keep things”normal”. A person who has changed my life is my mother. After i graduated high school she in a way let me go which is hard for a mother to do but she did. I had all the freedom i wanted. After that we have become much closer and i am more understanding of her and her methods in raising me. i love my mother.

In conclusion to my life id like to say I’m glad for what i have had and will have the good and the bad because without god i would not have had at all.Truthfully i wrote this paper in 45 minutes . I guess i was because all of this was just sitting on my head and it just came so easy as i typed it.Regardless it is the truth and will remain to be. The reason the fonts are different in each paragraph is a way of showing change from child to man.

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